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VGCultureHQ presents their Skyward Sword HD Review where they entail all of the wonderful features of this classic game.

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Duke193d ago

OOT all day for me. The controls of skyward sword were a no go for me


I don't know about the best, at least not to me. For me it was OOT and BotW. I still don't like the sword attack mapped to the right analog stick I would rather have it more traditional and just have it mapped to buttons.

nommers3d ago

The best wrist aggravator. I believe that's what the article title says.

myfathersbastard3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yeah it’s not even in my top 5. I understand the need to have directional attacks in SS with the in game mechanics. But damn, the “button” controls are just sloppy. The joystick sword controls don’t work that well and they aren’t intuitive. And the camera being mapped to a button so you can’t use the sword at the same time is terrible. I find I’m fighting the controls far more than I am any enemy’s in the game.
They should have had the camera be free then you press the L button to pull out your sword and use it. Map sideways attacks and up/down attacks to buttons. I’m no game designer but damn, there had to be a better way to implement the controls.
Litteraly beat the first dungeon and just put the controller down. I’m not finding the game to be fun, and it’s strictly down to the terrible controls. What a shame. This will remain the only Zelda game I haven’t beaten.

KingKelloggTheWH3d ago

switchign the sword to holding L1 would have been so much better

Limitedtimestruggle3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Game was pretty much one big letdown on the Wii, ruined by horrible controls. Never got around to play trough it then because of t this. I might give it another shot this time around.

Zeldafan643d ago

Skyward Sword has the best mini games in the series imo thanks to the motion controls.

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