CRASHiversary Bundle Revealed

This is a great collection for fans to get into the Marsupial action.   To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Crash Bandicoot, everybody’s favorite marsupial is unleashing his CRASHiversary bundletoday. With five full games in one amazing package

Sonic-and-Crash3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

who else thinks that Crash has the same lame design as previous Activision games now that retro-hype has calmed down ??

the remakes were bad and didnt have even the 1/100 of the effort ND gave to build the og games

Crash-Astrobot reference is far more faithfull ,almost identical to og Crash s design even if it is a small character in a small game..

just to see the difference between Sony building a Crash game and anyone else building a Crash game

Blade923d ago

Your definitely in the minority. You don't know what the hell your talking about.

Garethvk3d ago

They polished up the old games and made them hum on new systems and found a new audience for them. The last game was well done.

Teflon023d ago

Someone should have took your phone and put you on time out for this one lol.

The only thing the Crash Trilogy will get any complaints about to this day for me is changing ng the physics as I played the OGs religiously and basically had everything down to muscle memory and in the remake you could slide off a ledge of you jump and land on the edge and I use to do that as part of how I played, so I would get deaths off stupid things that were perfectly fine jumps that I get shifted backwards for lol

FinalFantasyFanatic3d ago

This, the Crash Trilogy was almost perfect, the physics would be perfect too if it didn't mess up the balance in the first game, hence why the first game in the trilogy pack was hard AF compared to the other two games.

Blade923d ago

I didn't care for the physics on the new ones but it grew on me though. I actually did like the challenge though.

BlaqMagiq13d ago

No one but you. The remakes are objectively better. Deal with it.

lellkay3d ago

Huge disagree. These Crash games have been absolutely brilliant. And 4 was awesome to.

gleepot3d ago

they werent remakes, they were remasters -- the game has new visuals layered on top of the previous game

brewin3d ago

But the OG versions were so good thats all we wanted! Along with a new Crash, which we got. Im cool with these kinds of remasters. The gameplay still feels great after all those years but the new graphics were/are still incredible! I feel like these kinds of things are just the companies testing the waters to see oif the market is still there for these kinds of games. Hell yes the market is still here! There are so many PS1/N64 era games that deserve this kind of treatment. It would bring the classics to a whole new generation of gamers the proper way!

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Orchard3d ago

This is a great little bundle if you haven't picked any of them up yet - highly recommend them all!

Garethvk3d ago

It is a great deal as well. I am going to see if my Granddaughter would like it.

Axecution3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I was hoping it was a new actual release when I saw the headline aha

CTR remastered was so good and I still love it but 30fps in a racing game is just... come on lol

BrainSyphoned3d ago

I can already see the articles.

Why CTR On Steam Deck Is Better Than Mario Kart On Switch

Why I Canceled My Steam Deck Reservation To Buy Mario Kart On Switch

neutralgamer19923d ago

That's going to be a daily thing because now Xbox and playstation fanboys are in background 😂

Steam deck vs switch daily articles and opinion pieces

CosmicTurtle3d ago

Luckily we have you @neutralgamer1992 to be the voice of impartiality!

Tacoboto3d ago

Is the N Sane Trilogy enhanced for current-gen with this or is it still the same 30fps as originally released on PS4/XBone?

Teflon023d ago

Sadly still 30. Only Crash 4 got next gen versions. I really want CTR and the trilogy to atleast get 60fps modes for new consoles

Garethvk3d ago

I am guessing it is the same one.

KONG223d ago

Crash was best when it was Vivendi Games !!!

Blade923d ago

I like the Vivendi Crash games but the originals were the best.

brewin3d ago

Well they were certainly different, but they didnt have the same charm as OG Crash. They could have easily had a different anthropomorphic character in there and it would have been the same. They just threw the Crash name on there and hoped they would sell, which they didnt. They probably werent even Crash games to start with. Crash has a certain type of formula that you can expand, but cant mess with too much (ala Crash 4). Those Vivendi games were just not Crash games by design and thats why nobody cared about them. Also, games like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank were coming out then and completely blew those "Crash" games out of the water!

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