First It Was An Assassin's Creed Expansion, Now It's Ubisoft's 8 Year Nightmare

Inside Ubisoft Singapore’s struggle to ship Skull & Bones.

D3TH_D33LR4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I swear this is due to Ubisoft’s massive teams they employ for these games. The saying too many cooks exists for good reason. They always result in games with no direction, vision or goal and most of the devs never see anything outside their own personal contributions. Ubisoft is so desperate for new original ideas that of course they tried to squeeze a well recepted game and it’s gameplay for all they could. They have some great unique IPs but they squander them into the same repetitive gameplay loop Ubisoft’s notorious for. Tbh I never expected much to come of this game. They’ll screw it up with some incessant grind fest or meaningless gameplay tropes

Darkborn4d ago

I agree. This game maybe could have been a thing a few years ago, but after odyssey and now Valhalla, no one wants to do more ship battles. Ubisoft really needs to ditch all their current IP and just start over or go to older IP that people actually want for a bit and quietly reboot these franchises correctly. I think for honor and rainbow six siege and their coop sequel are going in the right direction though.

dumahim3d ago

I know I'm in the minority here, but I haven't wanted to do ship battles beyond Black Flag.

phoenixwing3d ago

All they had to do was make a pirate game rpg with assassin's creed navel combat and whatever kind of ground combat. Half the work is already done as far as gameplay. But honestly it's still an undertaking to be consistent

P_Bomb3d ago

Good read. Well, their deal with the Singapore gov’t sounds like they have to release a new IP no matter what. So some kinda Frankenstein is coming!

dmonee3d ago

I might buy this crap game only to support the abused team members that had to work on this.

Welshy3d ago

I get the sentiment, but that actually sends the wrong message. Not one cent of your sale will ever see the pocket of a floor level dev. To give them any money is to financially give approval that what they're doing is profitable and they'll continue to do it.

dmonee2d ago

Your right. I was looking at it through a vacuum. If the game is “ass then I will pass!”

Sephiroushin3d ago

Think about it, the developers have to get their paid check anyways, the worst that could happen if game fails is getting fired (they can get a better job with some other publishers anyways) if anything the profit goes to CEOs, shareholders etc ... Do not support these practices out of sentiment!

Eamon3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

That's a bit too simplistic. I agree that supporting the game will ultimately give the wrong signal to the publisher and that the devs won't receive any share of the profits. But if it flops and Ubisoft need to make loads of redundancies as a consequence, the devs won't automatically find their next "better job." Good jobs aren't as easy to find as you think. Also, there's the added baggage of "life". Is the better job in the same city? Does it mean you need to move? Is your circumstances even possible so that you can move? Or can you hold out long enough to find that better job? Rent, bills, family? Most of these devs are living paycheck to paycheck.

Sephiroushin3d ago

I was just thinking people have good habits because sometimes with good habits you find a way to save even when its hard I know for a fact that i had to cut my expensive lovely coffee and some other stuff once for like a year because i got fired; but indeed it would be bad for peopke that dont know how to admin their finances... On good times they throw away money like it was never gonna end and when a lean season comes well they dont have any money saved to survive a few months without pay...

When i created my own small company was when i got fired for not doing a work the way i was asked (it was not safe not for me but for citizens (civil engineering)... while i was looking for a job that i liked I was working on a side project that with hard work and dedication was and is and hopefully stay successful... We are on an era that we have kickstarter and stuff, a good dev would join some other and still do what they like on a side while looking for work

Do you go a restaurant that serves food that taste bad because the waitress treated you well? Guess not... you should not support something that you think is quitr bad just because some people will get affected...

Eamon2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yeh, let's be clear. It's not our responsibility as consumers to support these devs at all. That role is for their employer. It's a crappy situation where there's no good option. Sure, we can hope devs move to better jobs with little hardship but of course life isn't that simple. The main problem here are these overly massive publishers that have little respect for their workers and are making extremely bad managerial decisions. Usually project creeps and vision interference are the result of bad leadership.

And that's what's plaguing the AAA industry at the moment. There needs to be a huge course correction.

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