Cranky Gamers Reviews: Call of Duty: World at War

CG writes: "After playing the first few moments of World at War there's a feeling that you've been smacked in the face by its approach to violence. WW2 games have traditionally been coy about putting graphic gore and limb-severing into their game. 2008 it seems, is all about changing that and Treyarch have raised the violence level to 11 in their latest take on the Call of Duty franchise."

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rogimusprime3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

last night. The violence wasn't that bad say...compared to "saving private ryan". There's a reason it has an M rating. I'd say it was a pretty good WWII game and they did a good job of trying to be like COD:MW.
If you get hit with machine gun rounds at close range you WILL get your joints blown off. No one remembers Hank's Dad from "king of the hill" ? "Damn Tojo's shot off my knee caps"

***spoiler alert***
That guy chernov at the end...getting hit by the flamethrower...I kinda felt bad for him.

The only thing that TRULY pissed me off was the poor squad AI. I lost count of how many times I died because my squad mates were in the "stand down" mode and there was a Tojo/Nazi right in front of them just waiting to serve me lunch with the end of a barrel. VERY frustrating.