PS5 Sales Top 10 Million - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for July 4-10

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 359,529 units sold for the week ending July 10, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 88.50 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 235,907 units to bring its lifetime sales to 10.01 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 116,412 units to bring their lifetime sales to 5.93 million units.

It has taken the PS5 35 weeks to sell 10 million units, while it took the PS4 39 weeks to reach the same milestone.

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potedude65d ago

And I still can't get my hands on one...

Bathyj65d ago

First to 10 million wins apparently
But if you needed a sales chart to tell who was winning you're not paying attention

OptimusDK65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Does Coca Cola win over Pepsi
does VW win over Tesla? And what does it even mean other than plastic worth shippers bragging rights

What is the point the biggest sale does not mean anything especially as Xbox is going for the whole ms ecosystem with pc being a big part of it.

On a side note both are selling what they produce

DigitalHope65d ago


Means a lot actually. When you are the console leader it means you are far more likely to work deals for third party exclusives or timed exclusives. When you are behind it becomes harder and more expensive.

If Sony runs away in console sales again I’d expect to see a tailor made Games Pass for PS5 as MS wouldn’t ignore that kind of money.

It means a lot.

derek65d ago

@Optimus clearly your the one who thinks it's a big deal. Lol. Xbox coming in dead last again, ain't nothing Microsoft can do about that. No one wants an Xbox.......

waverider66d ago

Just crazy they reach the 10 millions mark in 4 weeks before the PS4, that is record breaking console and not their worst console in history....

NeoGamer23266d ago

And to think this is with COVID supply issues. Imagine where PS5 would be if they were less constrained!

Darkborn66d ago

Or if their was less sony is doomed and they aren't helping indies or their console is completely rushed and last Gen with no FSR articles.

65d ago
DarkZane65d ago

People don't know that there would still be a chip shortage even without covid, but it wouldn't be as bad. There is so many things that requires those chips these days that even without covid, the production was struggling to meet the demand. Covid only made it worst.

FallenAngel198466d ago

PS5 reached 10 million faster than PS4 despite being harder to find

Neonridr66d ago

PS4 was quite hard to find at first too.

Thundercat7766d ago

Can never be compared with the current worldwide situation. Totally 2 different scenarios.

Neonridr66d ago

Thundercat77 - just saying it was hard to find, I didn't get mine right at launch but lucked out a few months later.

Outside_ofthe_Box65d ago

Oh yeah I remember that. People were saying that Sony was trying to create "artificial demand" People said that about the switch too if I recall correctly as well.

That said the PS5 has been much harder to find than PS4. You was definitely able to get a PS4 by July no problem.

65d ago
jznrpg65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It was not this hard , not even close . By February after launch PS4 wasn’t very hard to find , it wasn’t easy necessarily but a little effort would get you one . The first few months were scarce but by January they were getting easier to find and February they were everywhere , they were selling quickly of course but you would see them in store from time to time . I preordered mine and got mine day 1 but I was looking for one for my son and I got it in January . It is now almost August and PS5 is still as hard to find as PS4 was at launch time .

Elda65d ago

By February 2014 most people could walk in any store & buy the latest console here in the NY/NJ area. It was the first few months after the release date (Nov 2013/Feb 2014) where the consoles were scarce especially the PS4. The PS3/360 gen was the same. This gen is totally different.

Neonridr65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@jznrpg - it's not hard to find if you follow the right people. I have seen the PS5 be restocked countless times here in Canada via Best Buy, Walmart, EB Games and Costco.

That being said I totally recognize that this is a different situation due to covid. Was merely saying that it wasn't like you could walk into any store and get a PS4. Demand for the PS5 doesn't help either. Scalpers too.

Teflon0265d ago

For like 2 to 3 months. Ps5 is basically promising a whole year of this stuff at the very least

EvertonFC65d ago

It wasn't hard to find, you could walk into a retailer and buy one straight after launch

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Kavorklestein65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It honestly just sucks to buy a console in 2021.
In 2014, people just went to a store and bought one or had one set aside because they preordered like usual.
Now it's almost exclusively done online, where the demand and supply keeps being snubbed by people who are using bots to resell at higher value than MSRP.
I'm not saying gamers aren't getting consoles, clearly they are, but the fact that 10 million GAMERS do not have active PS5's to play unless they shell out extra $$$ or plain old get lucky, is a major problem in my book.

If the supply was actually low, then it could NOT actually reach this milestone.

The supply and demand is high, which is great, but the delivery method for consumers is the only thing that lacks.

BehindTheRows65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


PS4 was nowhere close to as bad as PS5. I could walk into a store by this point in the PS4’s life and buy one. It’s comical to even try to compare it.

darthv7266d ago

i keep forgetting that by the time these posts are made, they are already a week behind. PS5 is probably sitting closer to 10.2m now and the Series is just over 6m with Switch sitting near 88.8m (going by the trend of 200k+ for PS5, 100k+ for Series and 300k+ for switch).

trunkswd66d ago

When VGChartz posts the next hardware estimates it would be for the week ending July 17 and barring something crazy Xbox Series should have no problem crossing the 6 million mark.

Rude-ro65d ago

Vgcharts is a rumor site.
Nothing more.

JEECE65d ago


VGChartz uses retailer estimates. Provide better data or stop criticizing what we have.

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