Players report Amazon’s New World MMO bricking EVGA RTX 3090 Cards

From Dailybits: "Amazon's New World closed beta launched yesterday, with over 190,811 people playing it on Steam at its peak, but unfortunately, there seem to be some problems with Geforce EVGA RTX 3090 Cards.

Players are reporting high temperatures and power spikes while playing New World, and it appears that in some cases it's actually ruining people's gaming rigs by bricking their RTX 3090 Cards."

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ToddlerBrain67d ago

Oh snap. Who is liable for bricking GPUs?

Sircolby4566d ago (Edited 66d ago )

The pop sound they are reporting is most likely a fuse or a power cap or something blowing. It should not be possible for any software to ever do this. This is why the GPUs have all of these overvolt protections, etc. In this scenario even if New World pushed these GPUs to the point of failure it is still IMO the GPU manufacturers fault for not setting those protections at a low enough rate to protect the components from catastrophic failure. Just because New World potentially created the scenario for the failure it is still technically the GPU manufacturers fault for not protecting itself from that. This is all of course pure speculation because at this point nobody actually knows what failed on the GPU yet.

Edit: Just saw another article stating that it may relate back to a design flaw specifically with EVGA cards and their "special" temp monitoring system. Again still speculation, but I don't really think New World is at fault here.

Darkborn67d ago

Well that's unfortunate. I wanted to try the beta too, but I'm glad I didn't get a code now.

masterfox67d ago

Well is a beta, is at your own risk what happen later on if you get into it.

Duke1967d ago

At least they can Amazon Prime a new card with free 2 day shipping!

phoenixwing67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I'm pretty sure the ppl with bricked cards turned off safety features so they could overclock

LordoftheCritics67d ago (Edited 67d ago )


Gpu's will throttle voltage etc before they crash due to temps.

There are many safety checks. Even if someone has bad setup, worst case the system will crash.
Now of course the gpu's could be faulty, that could be the case here.

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