Next-Gen GTA V Better Add Single-Player Content Or It Can Heck Off

GTA V is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, but unless it has some kind of significant addition to single-player, it'll feel like a waste.

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TheRealTedCruz4d ago

Why make single player content when they can just sell shark cards and keep rereleasing the game?

CYALTR4d ago

Unfortunately I think you are correct. We can always wish I guess!!

neutralgamer19923d ago

With this trend of remakes maybe we will one day get a remake of GTA 3,SA and VC. While we are at it maybe Activision can remake Scarface too

It would be so amazing with current tech

redrum063d ago

GTA SA with next-gen graphics would be sick. They would have to remake it from scratch

BlaqMagiq13d ago

What you say is true sadly. Things like this is why the OGs are leaving Rockstar.

Locutus_of_borg4d ago

I’d like to see something in place to protect myself from the annoying griefers on oppressors , I gave up playing online and trying to supply and sell goods from my businesses a long time ago, it’s easier to do a closed session Cayo Perico heist by myself and earn anything from 1.2 million to 1.8 million and the whole process can be done within the hour. Then just buy what I want and play around in peace .

seanpitt234d ago (Edited 4d ago )

This is the most milked game ever to have existed… the players are the people to blame by buying all these shark cards you have literally shot all yourself in the foot because the result we will have had 2 games off rockstar one of the best devs in the world in 11 years if gta6 comes out in 2024 like the rumours suggest.

Profchaos3d ago

Has to be neck and neck with Skyrim at this point

attilayavuzer3d ago

Skyrim at least had expansions and a vr port. R$ has been phoning it in with microtransations.

JackBNimble3d ago

How is it milked?
All the updates have been free, you aren't forced to buy sharkcards and if you're a smart player you will never need to.

Rockstar has supported GTA5 since 2013 not milked it. I have never needed to buy a single shark card.

Maybe you should look me up on playstation and I'll show how to play it .

Knightofelemia4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'd rather have GTA 6 on next gen then have a game from 2013 appearing on next gen. As for single player content I highly doubt it will happen Rockstar is more focused on milking the online side of GTA 5.

brewin4d ago

Sad what GTA has become. I just cant mess with the online stuff, people are so toxic on there in my experience. They couldve released remakes of Vice City and San Andreas and Id be happier than another port of GTA 5. Youd think theyd have to add some kind of story content to release it again on this gen of console, but theyve become complacent pimping out GTA 5. Rockstar is a shell of its former self now unfortunately.

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