White Knight Chronicles Trophy List and Trailer

1 Platinum
8 Gold
7 Silver
8 Bronze

All the breakdowns and trailer after the jump.

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UNCyrus3600d ago

Have to wait a year to get this RPG fix... *sigh*

elorm93600d ago

I had hopes that this would release in NA around the spring... Guess I'll just be playing KZ2 'till then

Blink_443600d ago

only 24 trophies? lame.

UNCyrus3600d ago

sure only 24 trophies... but 8 are golds... would you rather have that or 30 or so bronzes

TOO PAWNED3600d ago

Dude 8 are gold and 7 are silver!

Blink_443600d ago

Id rather have 20 bronze 7 silvers 8 golds or something around that area.

UNCyrus3600d ago

well now you're just being greedy

OgTheClever3600d ago

All platinum trophy games add up to the same value so it doesn't make a difference.

Mozilla893600d ago

The description of the Platinum sounds kinda cool. It sounds to be something other than the usual collect all trophies. I thought there was gonna be a new trailer though, I already saw this one.

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gamfreak3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Level-5 for bringing such a great game with TROPHIES for the PS3.


SeanScythe3600d ago

Understand them, it's hard to.

TOO PAWNED3600d ago

"Secret: Bronze Star
1 and drawn one of the skills of the glow of copper present medals reflect the spirit of self "

This sounds like in those old anime-game translations, complete mess, i really dont get what it means...

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The story is too old to be commented.