Konami Ditches PES in Favour of Free-to-Play eFootball

Pro Evolution Soccer is dead as Konami doubles down on eFootball.

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melons1098d ago

Rest in peace. No football game will ever match the sheer fun of PS2 era PES.

kingboy1098d ago

The Golden Era, we desperately need a third player to help breath new life & fresh ideas cause these two"EA" are clearly running on fumes as far as I'm concern

1098d ago
4U2NV1098d ago

It was I.S.S 64 for me, now that was a hella fun football game!

wolf5811098d ago

Agreed the speaker was amazing...
Endless hours with friends..I still rember that you could add curve of your choice in long lofted passes...

frostypants1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

True. But let's be real. PES has been trash for a while. Controls have been terrible for years now and all the focus is on animation rather than feel. There are no good major soccer games anymore.

bouzebbal1097d ago

PS1 era was even better.. my best floorball memories are from there.. world cup games as Well were fun. There were other football licenses as well and the competition was healthy and good

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Jericho13371098d ago

All sports games should follow this model, instead of annual releases making the gameplay .1% better. Many other cases have shown that this model works.

XiNatsuDragnel1098d ago

We need this model more than FIFA EA take notes.

ToddlerBrain1098d ago

Get ready for PES prices to skyrocket. Those are some of the best soccer games.

aaronaton1098d ago

What are they thinking, changing the name...

RaidenBlack1098d ago

Winning 11 -> Pro Evolution -> eFootball

Fluke_Skywalker1098d ago

You forgot ISS before they added the Pro Evo

RaidenBlack1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

The pre 2008 PES stuffs are a bit varied due to different licenses, region and platforms. There were ISS, Goal Storm, ISS Pro, ISS Pro Evo, MLS GameNight ...

PapaBop1098d ago

^^ also iss pro 98 but kudos to you, not many people remember goalstorm.