Can Netflix Finally Deliver the Netflix of Games?

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The idea of game streaming on demand is clearly something many have tried but none have quite gotten right. Well, enter a new contender – one that has a lot of history in content streaming. So can they do it? Can Netflix finally deliver the Netflix of games?"

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NeoGamer23264d ago


I have a Netflix subscription and more and more I am asking myself why have a Netflix subscription? Never mind if they got into gaming too. Netflix used to always get the latest movie releases by all movie publishers, but now that they have their own content, that has decreased a lot, and I watch Netflix less and less.

darthv7264d ago

the latest release thing changed about at least 3-4 years ago... maybe more. when studios were wanting retail to have a crack at selling new releases before hitting streaming and on demand services. i remember when WB, Paramount, universal (etc) instituted a 28 day delay on new releases. Especially to Netflix. People (myself included) would time it just right to get the latest release on release day and watch (some would pirate) and then return.

That obviously was cutting into the sales of the releases and the studios werent getting any more than they were contracted to get through netflix. So... they agreed to start withholding from the service to give retail (and their bottom line) a chance to make some $$ before they went into streaming. That was around the same time Netflix started investing into their own production companies and making their own content.

I only got back into netflix when making a murder hit the service and stayed for such hits as stranger things and of course the tiger king.

brewin64d ago

Dont they need some kind of exclusive games for this to work? They have a LOOOOONG way to go to catch GamePass. GP is already the Netflix equivalent for gaming.

Knightofelemia64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The Netflix subscriptions will go up in price if Nextflix jumps on board. Also there will also be licensing issues Netflix in the States is better then Netflix Canada because of stupid license issues. And if you want me to pay a subscription fee for a game I want it across the board not locked out because of some dumbass license issue. God I hate Canadian Netflix which is why I very rarely use it.

darthv7264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I stated this in another thread but on the subject of price increases... it has not gone up to the extent people think. in actuallity what they do is create new tiers that offer more features than an existing tier. Like currently there is a basic, standard and premium tier for streaming and each one differs from the next based on quality of content (SD or HD) and number of concurrent streams supported (1, 2 or 4). They didnt have that many before but added them over time.

The introduction of games, if it is successful, would more than likely not raise the price of the basic or standard tiers but instead be focused on the premium tier. Or quite possibly they would create sub tiers between them. Like a basic/game tier for $9.99 (basic is 8.99) or a standard/game tier for $15.99 (standard is $13.99) and a premium/game tier for $19.99 (premium is 17.99)

They wouldnt force people to pay more if they dont use that portion of the service, hence why they would create a new plan. Over the course of Netflix history, they have only raised their price twice and each time was $1 while at the same time introducing those new tiers (such as adding streaming when they initially were disc to home). So it isnt always only one way to go... they do provide options. You can even still get disc to home in different tiers.


Knightofelemia64d ago

You must not have tried out Canadian Netflix then and see what are subscription price is

darthv7264d ago

Yeah... sorry Im not Canadian.

plmkoh64d ago

Subscriptions can piss off