EA founder questions PS Home goals

EA founder Trip Hawkins has questioned the goals of PlayStation Home - suggesting that going after a Second Life- or World of Warcraft-sized audience would be a bit silly and probably result in custard pie on face.

"What I can't really tell yet about the various announcements [Sony has] made about online and what they're doing so far, I can't tell whether they're going more towards this mass market idea - the way I'm describing this 'omni-market' - or if they're being lured into essentially trying to compete with Warcraft or Second Life," Trip Hawkins told Hatchet Job.

"My own personal opinion is: if Sony makes Home feel too much like a [World of] Warcraft environment, they're just never going to create the kind of audience size that you're going to see Nintendo and Microsoft create.

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-EvoAnubis-3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I imagine the founder of EA would be confused by pretty much anything that a company did that involved giving consumers product at no charge. This is coming from the guy whose company decided that making people pay for cheat codes was a brilliant idea.

Not to mention the fact that he's probably heard all the absurd Sims comparisons and is unecessarily worried.

Don't trip, Trip; this ain't the Sims.

Kleptic3604d ago

I agree...2008 had EA really coming around though compared to anything before it...BP, B:BC, and Dead Space were all pretty great games...but only BP had a bunch of free extras...the others have some simply ridiculous monetary requests for pointless stuff...

but no one really knows anything about Home yet, or at least how it will work community to put it bluntly...none of those features are in it yet...the beta consists of dressing and shaping your character...then wondering around with other people...thats can play some mini games, or get some free well as watch some trailers and things...but as far as how it works with the gaming environment is what isn't there yet...

and thats the big one...Home is rumored to be Sony's fully unified party which games have 'war rooms', and you form your party there prior to launching the game...if its easy to use, it will be great...while simultaneously getting people to keep using Home, even if all you do is visit the game specific launch rooms...but if it doesn't have this stuff, relatively quickly, its going to fall flat on its not many are going to wonder around aimlessly just to talk to other people...and if you would, others would feel sorry for you...

who knows...i don't really care either way...but I'm pretty sure Sony is not trying to create a WoW scenario with Home or fact, I don't even know what the hell that even means...its supposed to be a community for gamers to interact, share stuff, and launch games from...not go on pointless quests and pay real money to do it...and what the feck is he talking about with Nintendo...if he meant 'in general' with the mass market be it...but nintendo has absolutely NO clue whatsoever on how online gaming works...leave them out of it...they make toys for kids and grandparents...thats it...

-EvoAnubis-3604d ago

I'd agree with you, but if EA has no idea what Home is trying to do, they must be the only ones. Capcom I know for a fact has a pretty good handle on what's what; talked to one of their guys just the other day.

cactuschef3604d ago

IF EA has no idea what Home is, how will they successfully integrate their game into it?

TheHater3604d ago

because of the retards that run the company