Splitgate Nets Over 600,000 Downloads in First 6 Days of Beta, Hits Over 50K Concurent Players

1047 Games has announced that Splitgate downloads are at over 600,000 in the beta's first six days, and has gotten over 50K concurrents already.

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Very excited to see more of this game.

spicelicka3d ago

Going to try this tonight. This is good news for arena shooters. This game is similar to Halo in many ways and people showing interest in it is also good for Halo Infinite.

excaliburps3d ago

This has me piqued. I mean, 600K download is nothing to sneeze at, open beta or not.

Majin-vegeta3d ago

This game keeps track of your tbags💀

VerminSC3d ago

Wait really? Why hasn’t someone thought about adding this before? That’s hilarious

VerminSC3d ago

It’s actually super fun. It feels like halo mixed with portal. Gunplay is very tight and responsive

Hikoran3d ago

Great game but needs quite a lot of balancing weapons