Valve’s Lawrence Yang: All games IGN tried on Steam Deck were played from SD card

Many have wondered whether installing games on SD cards will not slow uploads too much? Steam Deck installing games on SD cards.
However, Valve’s Lawrence Yang dispelled all doubts, stating that the units tested by journalists, incidentally those of IGN, had the games installed on SD cards.

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darthv7266d ago

I like that this uses the same 2230 size M.2 slot as the Series consoles. which means as bigger capacity drives are made, people will find a way to up the storage space internally for the steam deck. We know larger series X/S systems will appear... and so shall steam deck.

Tacoboto66d ago

This makes me curious... would it be possible to move an SD card from Steam Deck, and have the non-Linux-native library instantly playable when we plug it into a PC?

Or an external HDD plugged into the Deck with a USB-C cable?

Vits66d ago

Probably yes.
Because you can already do that with a normal PC.

TheRealTedCruz66d ago

ReviewTechUSA claimed that certain games, mainly open world titles, would have trouble running properly off of SD cards.
I got the top end version, so I wasn't too worried either way with the 1tb storage, but it will be interesting to see when the things actually release.

blacktiger66d ago

I got 256GB, just wana make sure I don't have SSD

TheRealTedCruz66d ago

This is why you don't post after a 12 hour work day, and a few beers lol.

You lose track of life.

marvygarvy40866d ago

There are 1TB Micro SD cards. From the Steamdeck tech spec page, the Steamdeck is compatible with UHS-I which goes up to 1TB. The top end which is UHS-3 is not compatible.

ScootaKuH66d ago

512gb. There isn't a 1tb version

darthv7266d ago

There could have been if valve had used the same WD drive the series x uses. But instead they used the one the series s has.

anast66d ago

Let us know how it all plays out.

moomoo31966d ago (Edited 66d ago )

did they comment on transferring data from SD card to internal storage and vice-verse? Sounds like u will want to play the most demanding games off the internal SSD.

Neonridr66d ago

I figure if you purchased a 512GB microSD card and used it to store games and then just rotate your games to the internal when you want to play to ensure maximum speed benefits. Will be interesting to see if we can manage the data like that.

gamerz65d ago

It's already a steam feature. Click on settings for the game you want to move, and there's a Move option with a dropdown list of drives.

Witchcraft66d ago

Now this is how you compete with Nintendo.

Brandon91666d ago

Nintendo has a $200 Switch Lite. This market is so vastly different vs Nintendo. They are safe.

traumadisaster65d ago

Switch has 2 markets though. One is vastly different and you are referring to their exclusives that are safe. However the second market you aren’t considering is the people who want 3rd party games on the go without the expense and footprint of a capable gaming laptop.

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