New World Closed Beta – Opening Cinematic Breakdown

The Games Cabin writes: "Amazon’s new game New World will be officially coming out August 31, 2021. If you pre-purchase the game, you are able to participate in the Closed Beta that began July 20, 2021.

The opening story seems to be quite enticing and definitely gets the player hooked right away. It is mysterious and leaves us immediately wanting to learn more about what is going on.

If you’d prefer to watch the full cinematic, it is posted below. For those of you who are reading this article while you are really in a Zoom meeting for work and therefore cannot listen to a video (you know who you are!) – the rest of this article is for you."

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XboxCore59d ago

I really hope New World ends up being the... dare I should say it THE WOW KILLER.

Us MMO fans deserve a true MMO experience and New World looks like it may be able to deliver.

Spenok58d ago

XIV has turned out to be the proverbial "WoW killer." Especially if you consider their player numbers, and the mass exodus from WoW to XIV.

Seriously, XIV is more popular than WoW ever was, and has a ridiculous surge of players atm.

XboxCore58d ago

Yeah I only play Classic and TBC. Interested in Wrath but after that it's going to be tough for Blizzard if they don't change their ways.