GamersInfo Review: U.B. Funkeys "U.B. Funkeys is a collectible toy online game made by Mattel and Arkadium. Unlike some games that require regular log-ins and creature maintenance or items that gave you limited access time, U.B. Funkey allows you to access an online world and minigames with each collectible toy.

A quick recap, U.B. is the USB critter that plugs into your computer, and the smaller, more colorful Funkey sits on its hollow back. Contact plates on their feet transmit the data to the base, and your online avatar changes to that particular Funkey on the fly. It was easy for a young child to set a Funkey on U.B. Strong magnets guide it into place and makes firm contact.

Funkeys activate different portals to different lands and provide access to their own "house" and minigame. It has been about a year after launch, and Mattel brings to us more Funkeys and lands, and the story has evolved. Terrapina has discovered more information about the portals, and each land brings new and interesting experiences and denizens - one being the friendly cooties who just love you! However, their love makes you a little messy, and you'll have to get a wash every so often, or you'll trail a cloud of dirt behind you, much like Pigpen did in Charlie Brown's world."

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