FFVII Remake's INTERmission DLC PS5 Exclusivity Is Unreasonable

The move to PS5 exclusivity is inevitable, because such is the way with home gaming consoles. But with PS5s still in short supply and at a price point made even more inhibitive by a continued global emergency, one would think Square Enix would give a little more leeway - especially when it comes to a game released cross-gen.

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killbillvolume1265d ago

Don't worry im sure there will be 10 other game editions before the full game comes out. Nothing to worry about

garos8265d ago

the ps5 is in short supply but its overselling the ps4 in the same time period. sigh

Gardenia65d ago

This is true. People always want what they can't get.

Elda65d ago

The dlc should be on the PS4 versions as well.

andy8565d ago

I thought this buy it couldn't run it. Rather that time to make a version for PS4 went to part 2

metalhead65d ago

So was Msoft buying Bethesda and screwing out most 4K console gamers out of Starfield and Elder Scrolls, but no one complained there.

DOMination-65d ago

Lots of people complained about that and still are. Where have you been the last six months?

This isn't even about Microsoft. The game isn't even on Xbox. It's talking about why the content is only on PS5 and not PS4.

derek65d ago

Life isn't fair, I know that's a common refrain but so many people don't embrace that fact.

SDuck65d ago

Someone hurt your feelings buddy? This is just a discussion about product addons, not about World peace

Sephiroushin64d ago

Hahah He is just using a common refrain to say that not everything will go like you want or just expect it to go (because common sense says dlc should have been on ps4 where game released)...
But its not on PS4 and may never be so move on...

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The story is too old to be commented.