New content for Rainbow Six: Vegas reports today that some more content for the multiplayer mode of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360 is coming in March via Xbox Live at a cost of 800 points.

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TheMART4298d ago

Another advantage of a premium live service like XBL: the 360 get's new content all the time.

Do you already have some new maps PS3 users? The free map for COD3? The other maps? These maps? Anything?

big_tim4298d ago

no need to be the first to post on the news you submitted. No need to hate all over the place. It is a fact that Live is better than the PNP currently. It will probably be better forever, who knows.

Still no reason to keep bashing over and over again.

By the way, you do know that you are advertising for Sony with your avatar. You are like the rednecks down here in the south (southern US) that have Calvin pissing on FORD when they are driving a Chevy. It still advertises FORD on a Chevy. Doesn't make sense. I get that it represents your hatred towards SONY, but you could accomplish it in another way that doesn't advertise your "enemy"

FirstknighT4298d ago do realize that Sony is getting pissed on, right? People aren't going to look at that picture and say "wow, I want a sony." The picture of Calvin pissing on products (Sony, Chevy, Raiders, etc...) is very popular. I'm sure people know what it means.

big_tim4298d ago

It is a psychology thing. Even though the "act" is negative, the image of Sony is processed also. Again, I wouldn't expect Mart or yourself to understand that. This is similar to techniques used in advertising.

thoward33444298d ago

I've have been addicted to this game I'm really excited about the new content it will make the game even more fun and waste more hours of my life yes!

TheMART4298d ago

No it's not.

It has been announced it would come. But not when, what and how much marketplace points it would cost.

That's inside this article, which is news dude.

sweeper4298d ago

Well march is to late in my opinion mid Feb would have been the time to do this do you know how many R6V gamers are going to buy GRAW2.if GRAW2 comes out and then the DLC comes out for R6V well R6V will be history if UBI was smart they would put the R6V DLC on XBOX MP soon because it will be a waste of time and money not just for the gamers but also UBI. Put it this way if it comes out in mid FEB I would buy it but anytime after that not worth it.

TheMART4298d ago

Don't you play more games after each other?

I mean I like to do one game, then when I have enough of it, pick up another... I can't see why one game has died when a new one arrives. Just play 'em all...

sweeper4298d ago

I played GRAW from the time it came out until R6V came out.GRAW is a better game, R6V was just a fillin until something better comes along and it is GRAW2. I got R6V the first day it came out and I love the game don't get me wrong but I have not realy played it in over a month with GRAW that was never the case and to put R6V DLC on XBL MP in March with GRAW2 all I can say is loss of money and loss of players if the DLC is put on MP in FEB it might change alot of peoples minds about the R6V DLC UBI GET ON THE BALL (BAD MARKETING)

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