Steam Deck looks great, but Valve’s hardware track record doesn’t

Steam Deck comes from a company with a mixed reputation for hardware.

Valve may very well have a hit on its hands — but many fans thought the same thing back in 2014.

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Christopher58d ago

At least they're trying. They could just keep pulling an EGS. I think this is Valve's answer to cloud gaming, though. I don't think they want gamers streaming from the cloud, they want them on their storefront. So, if that's their reason, they'll likely support this more than they have past endeavors.

VivaChe58d ago

I actually used the Steam controller and it was alright.

Kryptix157d ago

Yea, this is a weird article.

It's an impressive piece of technology watching IGN's coverage on it. I want to say that the build quality is similar to Vita with the horsepower of an Xbox Series S and that's very impressive.

The only downside is the battery power. It's not very good and mostly meant to be played to fill in some gaps, but I like the idea of taking your "PC" to a friend's house for some side co-op.

John_McClane57d ago

Same here, it's a well made controller.

Outlawzz58d ago

I feel they want to start the new era of portable PC gaming. They said they would offer the customized steam os for free to any companies that want to make their own portable machine.

Somebody had to get the ball rolling is what I took from that statement lol excited for the future with handhelds since I'm a primarily handheld gamer.

TheColbertinator58d ago

Portable PC gaming is a good direction for the future.

--Onilink--57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

While I applaud them for letting SteamOS be free for anyone else to make similar machines, its honestly not even remotely possible to get anywhere close to the pricing of the Steam Deck, which was the same problem that they had with Steam machines.

No other hardware creator has a digital storefront making billions of $ to allow them to sell hardware at a loss and just recoup the money elsewhere, or work directly with AMD to make the APU as custom as necessary.

So yeah, maybe we might see a couple of alternatives from other companies, but they will be even more expensive

Duke1958d ago

The hype around this thing is wild to me. It screams “new toy to use for a few months but then go play steam on my pc”

Ataraxias58d ago

That's the thing right? As a PC gamer, you have your desk set up to compliment your experience - high end monitors, sound system/headphones, gaming chair, keyboard, mouse, etc. Once I give that part up it's missing a lot of the apeal.

Duke1957d ago (Edited 57d ago )

For sure, and to people that will get their money's worth - thats awesome. I look at my steam library, and to ditch mouse/KB and play on a small screen... I would much rather go to a cheaper gaming laptop before this type of mobile setup personally

ScootaKuH57d ago

No because my alienware PC is quite old and isn't really capable any more, I don't want the expense of getting a new PC for gaming but I also don't want to lose access to my Steam library so the Deck is the perfect solution to that.

TheRealTedCruz57d ago

I can make a lot of use of this, personally.
My work has me traveling often, so just even those plane rides justify my grabbing one of these.

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Thundercat7758d ago

We will see. The market is unpredictable. You cannot rule out the power of a platform with good exclusive games and even when I don't support Nintendo anymore there is no denying the power of its exclusive games.

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The story is too old to be commented.