GiN Review - Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk

James Maddox writes:

"I paid no attention to Rebel Raiders when it first came out for the PS2 and the PC, so my bias toward the game is relatively fresh and unaffected. Flight sims of the past aside, picking up the controls for RR at first had me thinking "This could be cool," but after a few hours into the title, the handling had me wanting additional options that never manifested.

Obviously, there are good and bad aspects to this game. For instance, the idea of this being a great Wii port gets ground in the dust rather quickly, as no real utilization of the Wii's unique control potential exists outside of using the nunchuck's balance feature to guide your aircraft.

The wand is merely used for its buttons. "A" slows down your plane, the trigger gives you a thrust in speed, and the D-pad allows you to reload your infinite ammo.

For my console, I use a cordless sensor for my Wii, and after selecting which window I wanted from the Wii Home screen, I turned the sensor off and was not hindered in the slightest during gameplay."

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