Why Would You Name A Game XDefiant?

XDefiant, Hyper Scape, and Immortals Fenyx Rising are just a few of the unfortunately named games Ubisoft has released.

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jznrpg66d ago

Because your Ubisoft and out of touch

--Onilink--66d ago

And seeing the Tom Clancy brand before the name only makes it look worse somehow, like it feels so incredibly out of place (which given all they have done with the brand so far its quite something)

lellkay66d ago

it's what 47 year old game devs think sounds "cool" to 12 year olds.

Yppupdam66d ago

yeah, more like some horn rimmed glasses wearing hipster with a sleeve tattoo and skinny jeans in marketing thinks is cool.

Giraiga1366d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Can't velieve they unintentionally used an "XD" emoticon for their Tom Clanch game'd title

medman65d ago

I have never played a Ubisoft game. I could care less about what Ubisoft does.