WorthPlaying Review - 'Prince of Persia'

WorthPlaying: "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was perhaps one of the best titles to hit the last generation of consoles. It combined unsurpassed platforming and acrobatics with a surprisingly likable set of main characters to create one of the most fun games of the last era. While the sequels improved on some aspects of the original title, they never quite managed to capture the same sense of wonder that The Sands of Time did. Every tale must have an end, and the last of the Sands of Time trilogy sealed up things pretty well for that prince. Thankfully, where one story ends, another begins, and Ubisoft has decided to reboot the franchise once again with the simply named Prince of Persia.

This new Prince of Persia, oddly enough, does not star a prince and does not take place in Persia. You're placed in control of a rogue unnamed tomb raider who, unfortunately for him, wanders into a forgotten kingdom while looking for his lost donkey. He promptly wanders into the Princess Elika, who is on the run from her father. It turns out that Elika is the heir to a lost magical power of the god Ormazd, and her power is the only thing that can prevent the evil god Ahriman from escaping. The princess' father promptly destroys Ahriman seal, which cracks and slowly breaks open his jail cell, releasing a horrible black substance called Corruption across the land. The only thing that can hold back Corruption is the Fertile Land, magical places of great power that have been left untended. Our unlucky hero must escort Elika to these Fertile Lands to revive them with her power, and Ahriman will attempt to stop them every step of the way."

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