Assassin's Creed: Infinity Sounds Like a Great Idea

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Assassin’s Creed games, at least the more recent ones have become more of a chore than a well-paced experience. These games are absolutely jam-packed with content that unfortunately feels like padding instead of meaningful gameplay moments. So could Assassin’s Creed: Infinity break that cycle? It just might!"

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lellkay94d ago

*Sounds like a terrible idea.

Chocoburger94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

The last three games were grindy slogs. Doing everything they can to slow you down, by forcing you to level up (not needed in an AC game), constantly collect trash off the ground to upgrade either your boat, your armor, or your weapons (exhaustively boring), and of course let's not forget the completely stale and lack of any creativity in the massive skill tree menus (a crutch used by unimaginative game developers who have no idea how to do real character progression).

Ubisoft is of course stupid as hell and will double-down on all these live service, daily chore nonsense, filler trash game design.

Nothing, and I have to stress again NOTHING, Ubisoft has done in the past 5 years has been a good idea. Yet here we are, and this guy actually thinks Ubisoft making the most "Ubisoft of games" is a great idea? Until Ubisoft becomes a good publisher again (they won't because of all that micro-trash-action money they're making which has changed how they approach game development), nothing Ubisoft says or does will ever be a "great idea".