Switch vs Wii Sales Comparison - June 2021

June 2021 is the 52nd month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month, the Switch grew its lead by 1.12 million units when compared to the launch aligned sales of the Wii. In the last 12 months, the Switch has outsold the Wii by 11.96 million units. The Switch is currently ahead of the Wii by 4.46 million units.

The 52nd month for the Nintendo Switch is June 2021 and for the Wii it is February 2011. The Switch has sold 88.14 million units, while the Wii sold 83.68 million units during the same timeframe. The Wii reached current Switch sales in month 60 where it sold 88.50 million units.

The Wii sold 101.63 million units worldwide during its lifetime. The Switch needs to sell another 13.49 million units to outsell the Wii.

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