The Steam Deck is Not a Threat to Nintendo

Ever since the original Game Boy, no other gaming manufacturer has managed to topple Nintendo in the handheld market. Even when other companies were offering objectively superior hardware, Nintendo always won out. Why? Well, Pokemon of course.

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Game-o-holic63d ago

Tell me a great game that will only exist on Steam deck and then it's a conversation. Until then, it's not a platform like Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft.

plmkoh63d ago

Imagine trying to convince a casual gamer to buy something where they'd have to worry about whether something can be played or have to tweak the performance.

Inverno63d ago

How can you say it's not a platform when Steam the platform is installed by default on the device. Steam which has all last and current gen 3rd party games as well as 3rd party games from the PS360 gen which arent available to play unless you plug in your old console. The Switch doesn't even have half of what came out last gen and will probably have non of what will come out in the next couple of years

Inverno63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Not to mention emulation and I mean emulation of PS1, PS2, GC, Wii, GB/A, N64 all those libraries of games which Ninty and SONY seem to not care about will be available day one and those emulators will probably be ported natively to Linux if they aren't already available. Sorry but I think people are really underestimating this. It's a literal PC in handheld factor. The PC is already a platform for gaming and game preservation. These sort of machines are already available but this one having Steam and valves name behind it makes it a guaranteed success if they play their cards right

Game-o-holic57d ago

PC is a platform with exclusives, Steam Deck plays PC games. But if you have a PC already there is nothing exclusive to the Steam Deck device. The sell is just convenience, which is definitely something cool but compared to console counterparts and past handheld devices... there is no software to push the system.

zahdab63d ago

I can tell you of lots of great games that exist on steam but don't exist on switch ... if it was exclusives alone the WII U would have persisted but the main factor that contributed to the switch's success was the form factor... personally i bought the switch to play nintendo games but i don't believe that's the main reason most parents buy it for their children

jelloaceomega62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

House Party. I mean, It probably wont, but atleast SteamDeck has Call of Duty and Battlefield I mean those casual games that most kids are playing, and its pretty much the entire PC catalog as long as its on steam.

Kosic62d ago

I've had the switch for ages, and outside of a couple of Nintendo exclusives I don't use it. Only game I want to play is skyward sword remake and the remake of pokemon diamond. Outside of that I couldn't care for the exclusive games.

For my age I find price of games better on a PC, so you could spend 40bucks on a handful of great games on steam or 40 bucks on one Nintendo game that most likely started on the Wii U first.

CrimsonWing6962d ago

I think it plays a lot of the games found on all 3 platforms you mentioned. Kinda remember seeing them play Death Stranding on it and I’m pretty sure Horizon Zero Dawn can be played on it. However you want to try to spin it the PC is a platform and Steam is one of, if not the biggest gaming services on the platform.

Will this sell as much or be as popular as the big 3 consoles? No, not at all, but it’s still pretty awesome for what it is.

CaptainHenry91662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

TBH it can be called an Xbox deck since it can play all of Xbox games. Just a cheaper alternative and mobile


resident evilVIII, red dead redemption 2, call of duty... every high end multiplatform game are exclusives for the deck against the switch.

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Duke1963d ago

Biggest threat to Nintendo is Nintendo

phoenixwing63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Steamdeck is just a glaring example of Nintendo being anti consumer. Fanboys defended Nintendo saying they couldn't deliver something as powerful as the steam deck in a handheld but here we are now.

I personally got rid of my Nintendo switch lite. I see now that a few games aren't worth being treated like a child by Nintendo. There are more choices for me game wise than ever before. I have a steam back catalogue full of hundreds of games. I'll play those at decent prices while crazy anti consumer Nintendo can rip off kids but not me.

I still have all my switch games just so I can sell them on a rainy day or just so I can legally emulate them on steam deck

Vegamyster63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

"Fanboys defended Nintendo saying they couldn't deliver something as powerful as the steam deck in a handheld but here we are now."

Who said this? The Steam Deck costs more and is over double the weight/size, pretty sure everyone would agree that something with those differences should expect it to be more powerful lol.

RedDevils62d ago

You just 3 Nintendo games away from matching the Steamdeck price.

glennhkboy63d ago

Currently the biggest competition to Nintendo is actually mobile gaming. A lot of the Japanese games (& Asian games for that matter) that would traditionally appear on Nintendo are now go directly to mobile. A lot of the latest amine tie-in games don't even appear on Nintendo.
As for Steamdeck, I think it is aiming at a completely different customer based than Nintendo.

Neonridr63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

at the very least hopefully it makes Nintendo wake up. If they commission AMD to make something very similar in a year or two it would make for a great Switch Pro. Who knows.

Sgt_Slaughter62d ago

Why would it make them wake up?

They've sold almost 90M units already and that's before the OLED model goes onto store shelves. They don't have to change a single thing, they've handled the Switch lifecycle like a dream company and profit wise.

Neonridr62d ago

I'm simply saying for a successor, this power wise would be perfect. In a year or two the cost of this would come down, but it would still be perfect at playing plenty of games at good resolutions / framerates.

HeliosHex63d ago

It's a portable gaming PC. It's not suppose to be a threat to anyone except if Apple came out with their own portable gaming pc. Nintendo will continue on its own path because of name recognition. The only people really interested in this piece of tech are PC gamers who see the benefit of their steam library being portable and the fact that you can install any mod, iso, os, and roms you want just like a PC. It's just a whole different beast on a whole different plateau. You can't even compare the two.

Knightofelemia63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It lacks the franchises that fans have grown up and loved since the NES days and Nintendo has all that. I haven't played my Switch in handheld mode I haven't played a handheld since I got my Game Gear recapped and McWill modded. I like my games on a tv or on a PC with better specs then Steam Deck has under the hood I don't even game on my phone. If the price is right I would get the Steam Deck to add to part of my collection would I use it I doubt it since I have a pc.

BlackDoomAx63d ago

You can emulate the franchises that fans have grown up and loved.

Sgt_Slaughter62d ago

Emulators are extremely niche, that's not a selling point for 99.99% of consumers.

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