Dying Light: Platinum Edition Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

With the highly anticipated Dying Light sequel coming up later this year, it appears that a Nintendo Switch port for the original title has leaked online.


This is an awesome announcement, but how can I justify buying this version of the game at full price knowing that the PC version I can play on Steam Deck will look and run better?

Steam Deck pretty much destroyed my hype for 3rd party Switch ports 😔

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DefaultComment678d ago

Well, for starters the steam deck is not even out yet and won't be untill 2022 if not delayed any further. Second, while it's true that you will have most of the big triple A games on there, Nintendo provides their games and indie games as well.
I'm not here to tell you that Steacm Deck is bad or something but I'm saying that talk about it when it gets in your hands first.

Dandizzle679d ago

You never know how well a new product will be, the steam deck is getting so much hype and it could have serious flaws no one has considered. I'm just saying before everyone goes and declares the steam deck to be the end all. Maybe step back for a moment and realize it is a new and likely won't be perfect. Having a port specifically optimized for a platform like Switch could still be a better experience than running a PC version that is able to run on steam deck. Just because the Steam Deck can run it, does not mean it will be be better than a developer optimized port even if its geared towards lower end hardware. Game optimization will always be a bigger factor than overall specs.

MadLad679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

People fall way too hard on the idea that "console optimization" is this magic pill that makes hardware go past what it can do.

Sure, concentrating on one piece of tech means you learn some workarounds. Take advantage of the pros, while mitigating some of the negatives but, at the end of the day, you're still stuck with that hardware.

The Deck is in an entirely different league than the Switch.
You can't magic away that fact. We know the tech that is in the Deck, and you can compare it to similar spec Pcs here and now.

I hope the Switch port is great, but it won't be able to produce what is possible on the Deck. Unless there's extreme hardware faults within the system, itself, it's open and shut.

Not to mention, Valve have sent out dev models to develop on. So there's going to be similar sorts of optimization had here as well. Valve is treating this as its own piece of original hardware.

MetroidFREAK21679d ago

Never played this before. Will definitely check this out if it runs well and everything is on the cart (Ala Witcher 3)

ZeekQuattro678d ago

I feel like this might be one of those cloud games. Anyway it's a great game. It's what Dead Island should of been.

DefaultComment678d ago

Fair assumption but don't do that yet. Wait until there is more info. Remeber this is a "leaked" game.

MetroidFREAK21678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

The rumor is cart with DLC included
@Default I know... waiting to actually hear confirmation before hype lol

Automatic79678d ago

The Switch is in a league of it's own. Comparing a newly announced system to the Switch is a disservice. As of right now the Steam Deck sounds great on paper. I am sure it's going to be a fantastic device but it won't be as magical as the Nintendo Switch. Heck it doesn't even have exclusives.


You make a great point. Nintendo has fantastic exclusives and Steam Deck doesn't change that. However, I would LOVE for 60fps on Switch to become the norm. That only happens if Nintendo is pressured to do so by competitors.

I want Steam Deck to do well, primarily because it will force Ninty to do better.

Automatic79678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Well said Logic.

Competition breeds excellence and I truly hope the next Nintendo system knocks it out the box with power and games.

BrettAwesome678d ago

60fps will never be the norm on a full generation old ARM architecture.

BrettAwesome678d ago

Subtract all the WiiU ports and a select few releases like Luigi's Mansion, Smash and Astral Chain, all that's left is stuff like Aninal Daycare and Pokemon buy-two-for-the-price-of-two. I love my Switch, but it's certainly not "magical". It's a six year old Shield with a Nintendo logo slapped on.

ocelot07678d ago

Would like a PS5 update/port.

BrettAwesome678d ago

They could even make a sloppy port and I'd be happy. Dynamic 4K, 60fps and new trophies, and I'd be all over it again.