Xbox talking game preservation is kinda weird

Recent remarks by Xbox boss Phil Spencer are a reminder that console executives are generally not the best people to be talking about game preservation.

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curtain_swoosh59d ago

Phil in general shouldnt be talking.
so many inconsistencies

Concertoine59d ago

You can’t deny that Xbox is the one in the lead on this issue over Sony and Nintendo.

Its not perfect, there are legal and technical hurdles that have to be crossed. But this is the only console where i can put in a disc copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta from 2003 and play it upscaled in HDR, and that is pretty cool. I just wish i could do it with morr games.

ApocalypseShadow58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

There is no "lead" with their BC. Fans talk about how amazing BC is when it's lackluster. It's, "pick and choose" BC. And then, to cover the lackluster amount, you add legal and technical issues. For ALL those other games not BC? Really?

39 OG Xbox games out of 997 is a joke. 577 out of 2154 Xbox 360 games is a joke. Kinect is "NOT BC AT ALL." But we want to sit here and play like Microsoft has some type of lead or is preserving games. You're saying all those games from OG Xbox not BC is legal and technical? Come on!

One of the main reasons Sony does not have full BC was because they switched from the Cell to appease developers with PC like architecture with PS4. PS3 fat played almost every previous generation games. Which I bought. But because of complainers about price, when PS3 fat did almost everything and cost less than a $1,000 Blu-ray player, the systems that followed lost out as it was taken out. That wasn't Sony's fault. Gamers shouldn't have complained when PS3 did as much as it did.

But let's take a count. And we'll add Xbox One to the picture. Which is about 2782 games (planned or released)

That's around 3,398 games released for BC.

PS5 plays over 4,000+ PS4 games and PSVR games. Which also includes PS1, PS2 and PS3 digital releases on PS4. And this number keeps increasing no matter how many more Xbox gets. You can't duck and dodge when Sony's BC number is larger.

Where is this lead you're talking about when Sony's console plays more old games as more games released on PlayStation?

Phil wants to talk about preservation when there's huge gaps in their BC. And that's besides the fact this article keeps plugging game pass over and over like a puff piece. Spewing nonsense about digital convenience and him loving subscriptions. And speaking of Phil being the most gamer executive out there. How does he know? He doesn't. He's assuming.

If this article guy was so worried about BC writing this article, he'd not be playing up subscriptions over physical. Sure it's convenient. But he's also the problem. Dating he's happier with subscription services.

SenorFartCushion58d ago


It’s pointless taking that route. It’s good that EVERY manufacturer is offering some kind of Bc. Pick and choose is horrible and annoying, and seems to affect every game that I liked back in the day (Max Payne 3, Stranglehold, Blood Stone, Wanted WOF, Kane and Lynch) but it’s not a wizzing contest. The rights issues seem to be the thing affecting my time playing. Caring about companies fighting each other for billions of dollars is about as relevant to your life as Jeff Bezos’s space journey. They’re animals fighting for billions, you’re a person stuck in a business war with no reason to be there.

Concertoine58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


I already said id like more games. We’re in agreement there. Xbox has just made more of an effort on this front, plain and simple. There is still not a consistent, optimized 360 emulator on PC. That their engineers figured it out on a base Xbone is a technical feat no one saw coming. You act like MS could just turn it on because they didnt use the Cell. That was a huge undertaking.

This is beside the point because the PS4 could very easily play PS2 games from the disk. PS1 too but im not sure if it reads CDs. But corporate didnt see the benefit of it. They might be right. I doubt the investment put forth to run OG Xbox and 360 games saw a ton of money, but having that option is more than Nintendo and Sony have done and worthwhile for ppl like me. I dont know how you can spin it. When BO1 first came out i grabbed my 360 copy and relived memories in a way I cant on PS4/5.

If I want to play 7th gen games, the Xbox consoles have way more. Same for the 6th gen. Even N64 games. Im not even getting into Dev Mode and what that allows. You bring up game numbers but obviously the PS4 has more games than Xbone. Both SX and PS5 play 100% of last gen games, that was never a question.

Krog01158d ago

What exactly is the inconsistent part though? They have the largest amount of backwards compatible games from all previous Xbox gens and most of them you can play by inserting the original disc. They even upgraded all first part games and allow older games to run better via technology they offer for free. No $10 upgrade fees or anything.

IRetrouk58d ago

They don't though, they have less bc games than the ps5 does, and thats just with ps4 games, let alone the ps2 games sitting in the store(more than original xbox games available) and ps3 games sitting in ps now.. The free upgrades on some, not all, games is great though I'll give ya that.

Krog01158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@retro every XB1 games is back compat on series x, not sure why you think PS5 has Xbox beat there.

None of those games are playable using the original disc on PS5. There are 134 PS2 Classics available on PS5, regardless which does beat out Xbox. That is largely due to PS2 having 4x more games than Xbox and over 500 exclusive games. Much more games that don't have any legal restrictions. PSNOW is a decent point though, it is quite a large catalog, but worth noting, you have to pay a subscriptipn for it, don't own the games and there is only 375 PS3 games on there vs 577 XB360 games.

IRetrouk58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I know every xbox one game works, but there are less xbox one games than there are ps4 games, let's not forget kinect games aint supported but psvr games are too, I'm not even throwing shade at ms efforts, but its a fact that ps5 has access to more bc titles than xbox does.

JackBNimble58d ago

You're so full of it, ps5 has BC for ps4 only, xbox has BC for all it's generations.
Where is the BC for ps3 or the rest of playstation generations?

If you're talking about having to rebuy ps1 and ps2 games so you can play then on the ps4 to get BC for the ps5 .... well that's not BC with early generations on ps5.

You are so full of "misinformation" it is laughable.

IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

What? We are talking about access to older games yes? So its a fact, as a ps gamers you have access to more games from ps2 to ps4 and vr than the xbox users do for their equivalent consoles.... facts over feelings🤷‍♂️

"Xbox has bc for all generations"
No it doesn't, it has emulation for "select" xbox and 360 titles, you can't just stick a disk in and have it work, and even when you do have a disc that works, you have to actually download an emulated version.... no games other than xbox one are really bc on xbox series x if we go by your discription. And regardless of all that, ps5 still has access to more older games than series x does.

Who's the one not informed again🤔

Krog01157d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@retro I agree. In reference to "game preservation" your argument is totally valid. I think you are hyperbolizing it quite heavily implying more PS4 games being made means Sony is doing a better job. I also think there is a difference from original purchases (disc or digital) working on Xbox, but not ps4 or ps5. Also, again that there are such a smaller number of games on OG cbox, so proportionally Xbox is substantially ahead in that regard, but I don't feel that can be leaned on too heavily.

that all said, you could definitely argue they are on near equal footing in "game preservation." I find it to be intentionally disingenuous, but ignoring any differing factore and only counting number across every Sony platform or access ajd ignoring cost, they are certainly very similar in retro content available.

I think Backward compatibility has a very clear definition, not simply a game being playable, but the previous copies/purchases working on a new console/hardware. so your claims that Sony has equal aptitude in backward compatibility is just a pretty clear lie or mischaracterization.

All kinda moot as PC outclasses both with almost incomparable numbers of games and proportion of games that work from original purchase to date.

Also, worth noting, Xbox emulates a FULL 360 and OG xbox system, so ANY game can run, the only barrier is permission. Only noting that because it is unique to the situation.

IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

The topic is about preservation, its a fact playstation fans have access to more older games than the xbox fans do, I'm not really sure your definition of bc is any more relevant than anyone else's, those games are available and playable on ps5 right now, regardless of what the emulation does on xbox, its still emulation and not all games are working, and you still have to download files for each game, so not bc by your own definition.
The only true bc for either console is their ps4 and xbox one games🤷‍♂️

Krog01157d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@retro the definition of Backwards Compatible I clearly explained. You buy/own ths game on previous hardware and you can play it on the new hardware without buying it again. If you bought a PS2 or PS3 game, that is not playable on any PS4 or PS5 in the world. You are just clearly just feigning ignorance now.

***How to play Backward compatible games on your Xbox console:
Just pop your game disc into your console. Or, if a digital game you bought is compatible, you’ll find it in your games list. Go to My games & apps > See all > Full library > All owned games > Ready to install.***

IRetrouk57d ago

I understood what you were saying, regardless of if you have to buy it again or not, the fact is, there are more games available from the past on ps5 than there are on xbox, if you don't consider that bc, fair enough, but the topic at hand is preservation and sony had ms beat there, the numbers don't lie🤷‍♂️

Again the only real bc, by your definition is xbox one to series x, the others are all emulated and need an Internet connection to download the patch and work.... no Internet? No bc....

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LoveSpuds59d ago

Nothing but cover to talk about backwards compatibility because that is all they have to talk about after more than a decade of awful performance when it comes to making new exclusives.

Witchcraft59d ago

Making new games matters. When all major platforms share similar architecture, exclusives make sense only to children lost in their platform wars.

58d ago
hiawa2358d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I completely agree. I have always been a multiconsole gamer, and I enjoy the games on all platforms, even with Nintendo, PS having more exclusives than X, It still is my most played platform, since the OG Xbox. Not into PC as the consoles are fine for my tastes. The console wars are so toxic, and I am too old and have no patience for that nonsense. I just can't relate to gamers who always cheer for one company while bashing the other companies.

LoveSpuds58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I don't take part in console wars either, I owned every xbox up until the last generation where I finally gave up on MS and realised they were snake oil salesmen, they simply never deliver on the promises they make.

My negative perception of MS is nothing to do with my love of Sony or Nintendo, it is borne out of frustration of MS themselves. Just because someone isn't buying into MS' spin any longer does not equate to toxic console loyalties.

You say you cannot relate to fanboys, similarly, I cannot relate to gamers who continue to blindly believe the bullshit that MS execs come out with despite MS failing to deliver for more than a decade now. How about acknowledging the shortcomings of MS?

Witchcraft58d ago

@knightedHollow: bo your "logic" Sony are a bunch of kids then, since they are investing more and more in PC ports. This means fewer exclusives, most probably no true exclusives in a couple of years. Do you think Sony doesn't know what they're doing?

It really is quite obvious: consoles are made to sell software, unless they're cheap, underpowered cash-grabs. You want to sell more games, so you want to have a wider audience. What's wider: ~5 million PS5s or a couple of billions of PCs? Even if you narrow it down to decent gaming PCs, that's still an order of magnitude more than Playstation will ever have.

Console wars, including exclusive bragging, are childish. Business-wise it's an obsolete way of thinking, relevant to kids who make their favourite corporation part of their identity.

JackBNimble58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Ya tell that to the master race , they can play all the games they buy no matter how much time goes by.

Edit: comment is for Spuds

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porkChop58d ago

Why is that weird? Xbox is currently doing more for backwards compatibility and preservation than anyone else. Services like Game Pass don't change that. You can still buy physical games, you can still play games from older generations, etc.

TheGreatGazoo3058d ago

"preservation is only possible when someone can donate a collection of disks shelf or a bunch of arcade cabpreservation is only possible when someone can donate a collection of disks shelf or a bunch of arcade cabinets that have outlived the bar that kept it.inets that have outlived the bar that kept it."

LOL, what? Preservation can happen for digital games, or games that were physical and converted to digital. If 20 years from now, someone can turn on a device and stream or download and play the original Splinter Cell, that's preservation. The author is talking about collecting.

Imortus_san58d ago

weird why? if The Xbox Series were to play all original xbox and xbox 360 games it would be a dream, beeing able to sell those oldies and get more room and improvement in games due to new power, the same goes for the PS5, if it ran PS1/2/3/4 it would already be in my houve even being one ugly console I want to be able to play all my brand games in one place.

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