New gameplay footage Resident Evil 5

Dutch website features an exclusive compilation of gameplay footage.

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Watkins3604d ago

They gave it a new setting and slapped on some new graphics. It doesn't look good, it doesn't play good (RE4 was awesome _LAST GEN_) and I doubt it'll be all that big. It will just ride on the wave of success RE4 created.

3604d ago
Cwalat3603d ago

Where in this video does "new footage" fit in?

this is just like the other "demo" videos...

This looks great, cannot wait... i would buy this even if they through in some infected pigs and donkeys...

this is my absolut favorite series.. and i'm not gonna miss out because some delousinal little kid says "RE4 but HD"

Watkins3603d ago

Haha, isnt it you who are delusional when you're saying you're gonna buy the game no matter what? Haha.
I'm just saying that the fact Capcom didn't throw in a SINGLE bit of new gameplay mechanic looks quite bad, along with the graphics, that certainly could look a lot better.
Call me delusional, RE4 is the game I've played through most of all (well atl east up there in top 3), but this just disappoints me.

baraka0073604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I think it will be a good game but not the game I want it to be which is a horror game not just some third person co op action game... I don't think people played resident evil just to shoot zombies. It was the story and the creepiness of finding someone dead and reading their last journal entry to see what happened to them leading up to their demise. Or walking down a hallway and just before you get to the end some zombie dogs jump through the window and make you jump out of your seat... Those are the things that made it a great and memorable game to play. Also what is with the sound FX? It sounds like someone is smashing watermelons when they shoot the zombies. Im not trying to be picky... I just hope they have been hiding the good stuff and these first few levels don't do the game justice. Gamers seem to not care anymore though. They have already given you disagrees Watkins. So why shouldn't capcom just put out more of the same? If gamers don't care they get the same game over and over why should the devs... We might as well accept that we will be playing the same games from now on with better graphics and little else in the ways of improvement :(

Kleptic3604d ago

I RE4 is a great stand alone action game...but it didn't have any of what made the original, and RE2 so good (didn't care for the repetitive gameplay of what followed after the original 2 though)...

RE in general did need some updates...of which RE4 delivered...but it simultaneously took it out of the genre...but it didn't need to...the game could still have been very creepy if they wanted it to...but it simply wasn't, for whatever reason they decided...

RE5 so far looks the same...and yeah, the cut scenes look fantastic, but are more and more looking like they are not in the gameplay, especially in lower light areas (like what this video shows) looks pretty average...and the entire lighting model isn't close to whats in the cut scenes...although when you get outside, the gameplay itself does look 100% better...

oh well...i'll definitely keep my eye on the game; as you could be much better overall than what these few videos show...but third person action games are not new anymore...and this doesn't seem to add anything over RE4 (rumored new control mechanic possibly, but that its)...just better visuals, that look great at times...and pretty average at others...we'll see...

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panasonic233604d ago

playstation only but the game play is on 360

Kleptic3604d ago

noticed that too...and this is not a new video...gameplay videos of this section have been around since E3...there is a PS3 playable demo out to the media that shows a new area, but this is not it...this video itself may be new, but the demo its from is about 5 months least...

xg-ei8ht3604d ago

Tbh i'm enjoying the new TombRaider:)

Lighting model in tr is fantastic. As are the textures) and models.

Best TR in ages.

Will still be getting this though.

borgome3604d ago

I can't wait to get my greasy hands on this game. Anybody who says something negative about RE5 is a moron.

Close_Second3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago ) that look great and others which put me right off. Firstly, the graphics look great but the gameplay feels far too scripted. For instance, the setting is some crusty old shanty town with poorly constructed dwellings. Hell, if I wanted to shoot a hole through a wall to get out I should be able to.

I also hate the co-op mode - especially when playing with someone who is actually controlling the second player. What's the point of having a 40" HD display if they give you a small 20" window to play in???

Also re: cop-op. It should be optional! I hate playing a game where you have to baby sit a AI controlled character. I much prefer playing a game of this genre as a single player first and foremost. Dead Space would have sucked if it had been a co-op only game.

I also wish they had made objects harder to find. There is no need to have this glowing red or green light to highlight where objects you can pick up are. That type of thing removes me from the game kind of like how really bad special effects remove me from a movie if you catch my drift.

Oh yes, the footage shows these really fast zombies...well, they move fast until they get near you and then they forget how to run...???? They should be brutal like the zombies in 28 Days/Weeks Later or the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

I'll wait for the reviews but right now RE4 is still the best RE game. I had been hoping RE5 would be a bit more open world and a lot less scripted.

3604d ago
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