Psychonauts 2's Console Performance And Resolutions Revealed, With Series X Taking The Lead

Xbox Game Studios and Double Fine have revealed Psychonauts 2's final performance and resolution targets ahead of launch on August 25.

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RaidenBlack685d ago

Since they are releasing it this late, D.Fine should've considered a native port for the PS5, instead of the BC PS4 Pro version.

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lelo2play685d ago

Original investors paid for a Xbox One, PS4 and PC version, and that version is getting released.
Microsoft paid for a extra Xbox Series version. If Playstation gamers want a PS5 version, ask Sony to pay for it.

agnosticgamer685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Microsoft would say no. They want the Xbox Series X to be the best version... Not on par with its competitor.

Microsoft owns Double Fine as well as the rights to this game now as well. MS isn't playing nice with the acquisitions they have been recently making. (They are going to follow through with prior contractual agreements... But that is all) once the agreements are dried up all future games will be exclusive to the Xbox Ecosystem.

There is Zero chance for a Native PS5 version coming out.

strifeblade685d ago

It's a Microsoft developer. Your lucky to even get the game. Say goodbye to psychonauts 3 though... That ain't going PlayStation.

ShadowWolf712685d ago

No, actually,. A good number of backers paid for there to be a PlayStation version via crowdfunding. The only legal way that doesn't happen is if MS repays every backer their full amount.

I think people forget this was a crowdfunded game.

Darkborn685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Another Xbox propaganda article. The series X takes the lead by default because the ps5 is running the game on backwards compatability instead of a ps5 version like the Xbox series x is getting its one version. Of course it takes the lead. It's being optimized TO take the lead and look better than ps5 on purpose.

EDIT* Sony san Diego should have done the same thing with MLB the show 2021, but instead they made a series X version becaise they aren't playing cheap games like good guy Phil is.

RaidenBlack685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Psychonauts 2 was announced for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. They didn't announce it for PS5 or XSX then (2015).
The XSX version happened coz MS bought them. And MS respected existing deal, hence the game wasn't made Xbox exclusive and thus the PS4 version wasn't cancelled.
If this was still being published by Starbreeze then both XSX+PS5 version could've happened, if Starbreeze was willing to fund the extra platform development cost.
But MLB The Show was announced for all platforms. Not the same case.

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MadLad685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Getting tired of the term "propaganda" being thrown around any time there's a pro MS or negative Sony article.
There's nothing inaccurate about the statement in the headline, and all the information needed is had within the article itself.

dbcoops685d ago

Getting tired of the term "Taking The Lead" being thrown around when people compare a native series x version of a game to a PS4 backward compatible version because the developer got bought out by Microsoft.

NeoGamer232679d ago

While I completely agree with you, the article does, "run up the score" for XSX.

The game ships on XBO, PS4, XB Series, and PC....

And PC has both unlimited resolution and framerate but no HDR. so why are they bragging about XB Series in the title? If I have an 4K capable card that can produce 120 fps wouldn't that be better then a 4K, 60 fps, HDR version? Better yet in the near future I might be able to get 8K at 60 FPS on PC.

Yes, I don't like calling it propaganda, because I se lots of PS articles that are similar. But the reality is that it is not a totally unbiased article either.

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NeoGamer232685d ago

There are just as many Sony "propaganda" articles as there are XB ones.

And Sony was driven by MLB not a desire to ship games on XB. If they had the option MLB The Show would still not be on XB. And if you don't think that is true then why are they passing up XB only gamers in not shipping their other exclusives on XB?

hulk_bash1987685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

How is this propaganda? The Series X is leading the performance benchmarks. Because Double Fine is now owned by Microsoft, they had the backing to make an Series X version. Doesn't mean there wont be an upgrade for the PS5 down the line since it is a multiplat release. Regardless, there is no propaganda, you just have to use your brain a little bit.

Orchard685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Sony making an XSX version of MLB is a nothingburger. MLB dictates the terms of development and which platforms The Show comes to - not Sony - it's work for hire. If Sony had their way, there would likely be no MLB on Xbox, and definitely not on GamePass.

The reality is, when MS acquired DF, there were likely no next-gen versions in development, given the 2019 release date - and then MS forced them to do an XSX version.

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Nosferatu_dude685d ago

Oh come on! Sony asked their own costumers to pay money to play ghosts of tsushima with Japanese lip sync on PS5 with minor changes, dude its business not a charity, get over it, nobody is nice here to eachother, in the end of the day, sony and ms are rivals, and each company trying to make their own system to be more attractive. Dont even try to look for "Fair" here.

dbcoops684d ago

"pay money to play ghosts of tsushima with Japanese lip sync on PS5 with minor changes,"

So are we just supposed to pretend the entirely new island doesn't exist?

DarkkMinion684d ago

Even the Series S is blowing the PS5 out of the water lol.

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Kane22685d ago

im not buying the bullshit. let's be real Microsoft did this shit on purpose to make the series x look better...there isnt a reason why there shouldn't be a ps5 version.

Sciurus_vulgaris685d ago

The Series X version likely isn’t a full native port to how the system handled backwards compatibility. Or making a native Series X port was much easier than producing a full PS5 port.

RaidenBlack685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

"likely comes down to the Xbox platform’s Smart Delivery technology making it significantly easier for a smaller studio like Double Fine to implement changes." ~ As stated by author.
So it might not be a native port on XSX. Just extra features implemented to X1X ver. via Smart delivery program.

RaidenBlack685d ago

Yea, sorry. Its a native port.

ABizzel1685d ago

That's not true, it just a case of willful negligence to make the Series versions better. It makes no sense that the last-gen consoles that have HDR (all PS4s and One X) don't have HDR implemented when the game clearly could have been made with that in mind, instead I assume they allow Auto HDR to take over on the Series consoles, and fps boost to allow 60 and 120 fps modes.

Meanwhile the One X should have VRR Support and easily be able to do 2880 x 1620 or even 1440p @ 60fps, but that puts the Series S in a place to get talked about negatively. PS4 Pro should also have a 1080p @ 60fps mode. And we can clearly see the PS5 was just left out of the picture all together.

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--Onilink--685d ago

How is there no reason? Why on Earth would MS pay to make a PS5 version after buying Double Fine? The only platform originally announced and that mentioned in any of the crowdfunding was the PS4.
MS respected that deal, that doesnt mean they have to pay to make additional versions for Sony.

And before you bring up MLB The Show, its pretty clear that it was the owner of the IP (MLB) that requested multiplatform, its not the same situation

Ausbo685d ago

How about the fact that they have no ps5 devs kits

Tedakin685d ago

Of course they did. It's their game. And only a PS4 version was promised.

NeoGamer232685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

They started development long before PS5 and XB Series were in the pipeline.

If you know much about Double Fine they are focused on a "no crunch time" development cycle for their games.

They were given a budget and timeframe to release this game and it probably was a trade-offs exercise. There is nothing wrong with that. That was just the trade-off taken to get the game out. Of course they will prioritize XSX over PS5, they are now owned by MS, not Sony. If you watched their holiday 2020 update, you would've also saw they cut certain stuff to make the time frame for the game release. They prioritize no crunch time above everything.

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hiawa23685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

So, like many cross gen multi-plats, the PS5 is running the PS4 Pro version at 60 FPS and the SERIES X is running the X1X version at 60 FPS via back combat? Is anyone surprised by this? Not sure why this triggers some.

Highrevz685d ago

No but the Xbox One X version has a higher res then the PS4 Pro versions so point would still stand. Even if there was Ps5 version it’s unlikely to have been much different to the Series X version.

I wouldn’t get too triggered over specs on this game, it’s hardly a big budget game. I’m just glad it’s going to release rather then be cancelled as it had a rocky start with funding.

hiawa23685d ago

Well, of course it does, because it is running the PS4 Pro version. X1X generally had higher performance over the Pro, so no surprise to me✌.

Lightning77685d ago

I'm not sure where you been but the 1X historically has had higher res over the Pro in multiplat games.

strifeblade685d ago

Bro the series x is way more powerful. Of course it will have a higher resolution what are you smoking.

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Darkborn685d ago

It's a native series X and S port. The ps4 pro version is for the ps5. They purposely held back the ps5 version.

Lightning77685d ago

It was revealed that since being bought by MS Tim Schafer Said he was able to fully make the game he wanted with out having to cut things out of the game due to budget constraints despite being crowd funded. The full game is on PS4 as it across all the other platforms, but Sony Has to fork over cash if they want the PS5 upgrade. As a buissness and being owned by MS. MS won't outright help out its competitor in paying for their upgrade. Understand if this was Sony, they be doing the exact same thing to MS.

You would 100% have a case on your hands if the PS4 was the The Star breeze Crowd funded version then we can get out our pitchforks because that's anti consumer. MS paid the rest of the project to have the same game across all platforms, just not the PS5 upgrades.

MadLad685d ago

MS is not entitled to fund a full blown PS5 version.
They're already doing what many companies in their shoes wouldn't, and is offering the game on the competition's platform, as was what was promised when Double Fine was an independent developer working under a simple publisher.

If that gets under your skin, your options are to buy an Xbox, a solid PC, or simply play the version offered on Playstation; which still seems like a solid experience all the same.

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Sayai jin685d ago

They were contracted for only a PS4 version and not a PS5 version. Full stop.

OB1Biker684d ago

You are literally just stating facts and people seem to have a problem with it.

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