EndWar Review: OXCGN checks it out

OXCGN checks out Tom Clancy's first RTS especially for the consoles. Finds it's all what it was cracked up to be, and a little more.

Read how one reviewer got caught with his headphones on commanding his troops while the delivery guys wonders what the hell is going on . .

Slip over to the site, check out the rather long, but detailed review has to say, perhaps it might sway you to give this unique RTS a solid try.

""Unit seven, attack hostile two".

"Umm mate, you've got a package".

A rather amused delivery guy is there staring at me talking intently at the TV through my headphones. I'm not able to adapt from Colonel 'me' to just plain 'me' quickly enough and I end up trying to get out of my chair while dropping the controller at the same time, but forgetting that the headphones on my head are attached to the controller. I look even more foolish as I drag the controller off the chair onto the floor, then when I try to tear the headphones from my head, only end up breaking them. The delivery guy is now laughing. Shit."

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XboxOZ3603599d ago

I wasn't THAT keen on the game to be honest. Even seeing it first hand some weeks before the launch at a Ubi-event still didn't "do it for me" as they say.

But after reading this, I'm finding myself drawn to it for some odd reason. I'm not into the whole RTS thing, but this seems and sounds a great deal different, and might just have me a little bit more interested than I once thought.

Who else has played it at length yet?

darkmurder3599d ago

I might just wait for 2009 for the PC release, although RTS is getting better I just find that they were made for consoles.

gaminoz3599d ago

@ Darkmurder

You mean you find they were meant for PC don't you?

I would normally agree, but Endwar and a game like Civilization work perfectly fine on console.

Superfragilistic3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Dark seriously man. This game was built for consoles. Just as gaminoz points out.

EndWar, Halo Wars, Civ Rev are the new breed of console RTSs that shock horror you'll need a console to play cause they're not designed for a mouse and keyboard or in the case of the latter two aint coming to PC! lol

On another note the only reason I haven't bought this is I played the beta for four weeks and had a ball but then the game got released within days of Gears 2, Left 4 Dead, and Resistance 2 which have been keeping me busy, along with Fable, Banjo, et al...

Immortal Kaim3598d ago

I personally don't have a gaming PC so when developers specifically tailor there RTS's towards the console fans, you can tell the difference. So next RTS will be Halo Wars then, looks intriguing.

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XboxOZ3603599d ago

have you checked the review out, he says the commands and controls on the console version are brilliant . . . and from what I saw at the ubi-event earlier, they are a snack to master, and less cumbersome than the pC commands. hire it and give it a go if possible.

There's bugger all in the visual differences on the both versions from what I saw at Ubi offices. but the PC had to have a little more grunt in it, which is usual unfortunately.

Give it a whirl on rental, see what you think?

Steelspawn3599d ago

I am glad they look at alternatives for console in ways to command your troops. Being a huge LOTR fan I had to get the RTS but I just found the controller too clumsly on the 360.

Looks like I have found another game I have to find the money for!

XboxOZ3603598d ago

I agree about the "complete knob" thing . .standing )read sitting) in the loungeroom commanding your troops, calling out commands in alpha, tango lingo and a friend walks in, someone comes to the door . .hey . what the heck, it's "just a game" after all, and it's meant to be fun, which at times is often - well - embarrassing hehehe

Immortal Kaim3599d ago

I still might give EndWar a go, even though I will look like a complete knob by doing it. I like the ability to use either voice commands or the controller.

Godem3598d ago

I played the demo, and I really didn't like it...

it didn't feel like classic starcraft, warcraft, or command and conquer.

(which I know is kinda of what its trying to do - be different..)

but i couldn't get into it.

XboxOZ3603598d ago

The demo was nt a good representation of the final code, even seeing it at a Ubi event we could see that, which is the same code used for the demo. But the finished product is a great deal smoother and cleaner, trust me on that one.

Please do give it a rental for a few days, not a day, then see what you think

Godem3598d ago

haha yeah i would definitely give it a rent..... if my stupid local Video Ezy actually stocked games... *facepalm*

gaminoz3598d ago

@ Godem

It does take some getting used to the different viewpoint and it sucks when your command vehicle is down and you can't get back to sit rep view (top map view basically).

But it does feel like a shooter when you are in amongst your troops ordering them to individually do things....Just make sure nothing is going on elsewhere you need to also watch.

I certainly don't miss the lack of resource management....

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