Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) – How to Increase Health and Defense

In Dark Cloud 2, it seems very easy to die to enemies. Enemies are just too hard to kill, and do way too much damage. There is one thing that can help you survive longer: Potato Pies, Witch Parfait, and Eden Fruits.

These items are scattered around Palm Brinks as well as the future world at different points of the game. As you adventure forward and change the future, new small chests, called “Miracle Chests”, will spawn in the future world.

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jznrpg60d ago

You can buy this on PS4 or PS5 (PS4 version) or download on PSNow . Its a classic that people still play a lot so it’s relevant .

Eidolon60d ago

Yes and the guides have been written, and it released years ago on PS4.

AriesBear60d ago

Absolutely. True action rpg gems that now run at 1080p I’m in.

AriesBear60d ago

Show some respect to one of the best action RPG‘s ever made it’s timeless. And with all the crap that’s out today it deserves to be mentioned

Teflon0260d ago

Dark Cloud 2 is literally my favourite game of all time. I owned the PS4 release day one. Owned the PS2 copy from 2 days after release and still got it. Doesn't change the fact this article is the weirdest timing ever, especially since those upgrades you'll run into basically no matter what and when you do, thing blinks like crazy telling you to use it immediately lol. They got a million guides for the game and not like it's a new rerelease. God tier game but pointless article, even if I clicked because it mentioned the greatest game of all time lol

Eidolon60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Exactly what Teflon02 said. I'm not shtting on Dark Cloud 2, it's part of my childhood.

AriesBear60d ago

Just reinvigorated me to play it! Thank you.

Lore60d ago

The grind for this platinum was so real

Imortus_san60d ago

Back in the time when Sony made good games and supported a shit ton of games.