More New Tom Clancy Gameplay Footage Released, Gameplay Video to Be 40-Minutes Long

In case you missed the news, Ubisoft will be revealing a brand-new game tomorrow that is set in the Tom Clancy Universe. While details are still light, it seems that the company has sent some influencers some short snippets of gameplay.

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excaliburps68d ago

Looks like a COD competitor. I can get on board this as long as it's not BR.

RaidenBlack68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Looks very similar to CoD. Can easily fool anyone uninformed that this is this years CoD's MP gameplay.
Call of Duty Ghost II or Black Ops V.

iNcRiMiNaTi68d ago

That skull icon when he gets kills looks exactly like the rogue icon in the division. That ability looks like Sam Fisher's NVGs though.

This looks so much like CoD though, they could've said this was CoD mobile gameplay and I'd believe it

thesoftware73068d ago

Looks rough around the edges.

Unless this has some sort of "Twist" I think we have enough competitive FPS. Cod and BF are done so well, not sure what they are planning with this.

justsomeoffdude68d ago

Which franchise is Tom "Clany" ???

Vandamme2168d ago

This looks just like call of duty lol

wenaldy68d ago

One of the preview video shows CERA logo in the map. It's The Division.

EazyC67d ago

I think it's a smorgasbord of TC games. A bastardization even!

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