Demo Discs Back in Japan

PS3 buyers to get more than just the Resident Evil 5 Demo with the special demo disc

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AndyA3655d ago

Not sure there's much point in demo discs anymore with PSN and Xbox LIVE.

Leord3655d ago

Well, it's always nice to have demo discs anyway. I miss when you could get demos easily of games before trying them, and perhaps this will increase sales...

iNcRiMiNaTi3655d ago

some people still dont have broadband internet or internet at all. the demo discs are prolly for those people.

but its can u survive without broadband?

Doppy3654d ago

They did it because they want the content to stay exclusive to Japan. Every PS3 owner has an account in all territories so they knew if the put it on PSN everyone would get it. Those dirty intelligent bastards.

Plus this should spark a slight fuse in Japan, since it has a lot of Japanese geared entertainment on the disc even tough many of the demos are already on PSN (unless they are different parts of the game).

We'll just have to wait until someone uploads the content of the disc to the internet, or import one if you can.

Wuushu3655d ago

Bring it on! more demos to the people!

Maticus3655d ago

Ploy to sell more perhaps :P

Leord3655d ago

Indeed =)

The question is if it works or not.

Dorjan3655d ago

demos lost their worth a long time ago, they got worse because of "pirating" then the Internet made them obsolete.

thetamer3655d ago

I don't think that's particularly true. I think if you were to pirate a demo it's not as big a deal as pirating a game. I think this is really to do with resources and convenience. I mean we all move on. No one needs cd's anymore. Space is limited, they're destructable and they're not worth it whne you can download.

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The story is too old to be commented.