Pivotal Decisions in Gaming History - PlayStation 2 and DVD Playback

DVD's role in the success of PlayStation 2 used to be overstated but it's now becoming a forgotten factor as physical video media dies off.

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BrainSyphoned70d ago

Been watching a ton of on disc anime on my PS5. Digital things like media sites that have full screen cookie disclaimers are the true dinosaurs of the 2000s.

PrimeVinister70d ago

Oh, yeah. There will always be a ton of stuff on disc or tape that will never see a streaming service. If you have any interest in film or TV, you are still going to need physical media players.

PrimeVinister70d ago

@blacktiger That too 😎

But a lot of older torrents come from physical media with no online streaming service to rip from.

dumahim70d ago

This is why I still get DVDs from Netflix instead of streaming. If there's a movie I want to watch, chances are there's a DVD for it. Sure most movies are on streaming services, but there's so many of them now you can't just subscribe to everything.

Telford9170d ago

Surely this was most people's first dvd player? The same with PS3 for blu ray.

PrimeVinister70d ago

I would say a fair few people's first DVD players around where I am from was a PS2 or Gateway 2000 PC.

And a lot of people's only Blu-ray players are consoles. It didn't take off for home video like DVD did for a few reasons.

FPSFox70d ago

I've always wondered what the gaming landscape would look like if Sega put a DVD player in the Sega Dreamcast. I really loved that system growing up but the PS2 buried it very deep in the ground.

PrimeVinister70d ago

Dreamcast would have been very expensive or Sega would have had to eat a loss they couldn't afford.

Launching with DVD in 1998/9 would have been an amazing coup if they had the pockets.

TheEnigma31370d ago

Best decision Sony made. It was the cheapest DVD player and a gaming system. Perfect decision.

Minute Man 72170d ago

The only problem at first was the low volume output

PrimeVinister70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

That is something I noticed but never thought about 😑


purple10170d ago

Let's not forget ps3. With a not the best but very decent Blu-ray built in. At the time desperate Blu-ray players were costing hundreds..

Then the Xbox fiaaco with them trying hd DVD. Charging seperate for it. Then switching to Blu-ray and charging for a separate one of those! Pure catastrophe

TheRealHeisenberg70d ago

Yeah that decision by MS to make the HD DVD drive external really tipped the scales against HD DVD. I believe that Blu-Ray would have won regardless simply because of Sony's recognition in the industry but HD DVD may have had a longer life if MS would have made the drives internal to the 360.

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