FIFA Needs More Than HyperMotion to Fix Its Issues

COG writes: The FIFA 22 trailer recently dropped and let's face it, it was underwhelming. Does anyone actually care that 22 players were dressed in morph suits and strapped to a computer? I don't. This is what EA needs to do to fix FIFA.

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Orchard66d ago

Except it doesn’t because tens of millions of people will continue to buy unchanged annual sports games.

badboyz0965d ago

EA's community are morons they buy it regardless.

Aussieguy65d ago

Yep, specially the big streamers like Castro and others who spend thousands of dollars on the game each week.

Aussieguy65d ago

Stop the scripting and let people practice and get good at the game and not rely on EA aids to see who wins. Let the actual high rated players mean something with their stats, so if I have 99 finishing I cant miss when im right in front off goals and then somehow I can score with my left foot outside the box with a CB.

Also, I wish they could this up the button delay, because I get it a lot playing UT mode, specially Fut champs.

redrum0665d ago

Stupid hypermotion. Just add cross-play already. How has this not been added specifically for Fifa yet?