High-end 3D gaming on Apple iPhone

Unity claims to have cracked the secret to mobile gaming...

High end 3d gaming on the way to Apple's iPhone, claim middleware specialists at Unity

Unity Technologies, a provider of 3D game development tools, claims to be able to offer high end 3d gaming on Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

Unity claims to provide tools that offer developers the chance "for creating console-quality games for the desktop and the Web," and the company's iPhone/iPod touch tech has been released and already been licensed by more than 200 companies.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologiessays his"customers are as excited about the iPhone as we are, and the ability to quickly develop high-quality games for the iPhone with the broad range of technical capabilities that Unity offers quality content is rapidly appearing."

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Darkseider3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I swear someone slipped some Apple kool-aid to these people. Let's get this straight once and for all. The iPhone/iPod Touch while neat little devices will have absolutely NO impact on mobile gaming his gen. OR next. The Nintendo DS and PSP have pretty much solidified their places in handheld gaming and neither Apple nor world + dog will change that. Lack of physical buttons and screen real estate dictate that neither the iPhone or iPod Touch will be of any relevance.

zoydwheeler3602d ago

Give it 2 years, Apple and Microsoft will soon 'get' handheld gaming... Sony and Nintendo will be left behind...

S1CKLY3602d ago

LOL! Just like Apple 'got' desktop gaming!

And MS doesn't care about handheld gamers enough yet.. and in 2 years.. I doubt they'll care much more..

lokiroo4203602d ago

apple can have fun trying to fit all the console quality games on their phones.

No FanS Land3603d ago

I don't care for the iPhone, I got one of the best macbook pro available on the market, plus I installed vista vista via boot camp, meaning I got one hell of a gaming machine! my performance score is 5,3, two sub-scores being 5,9

Killjoy30003603d ago

Does this also apply to iTouch? I hope so. I cna't wait to get mine this Friday.

3603d ago
Rice3603d ago

obviously you dont have one.. i have both ipod touch and psp and i can say that im starting to use my touch way more than the psp even gaming. Downloading games in one click, the app and itune store is amazing and easy. Alot of potential for gaming, cube is one of them, its graphics rival some games on the psp. Browser is 1000 times faster and its much easier carrying around and better for listening to music.. I am currently typing this on my ipod touch... But i will return it for an iphone...

Killjoy30003602d ago

I'm not. I'm coming in with solely music in mind. That and a badass touch screen device.

LeShin3603d ago


No buttons.....

No deal...

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