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"whilst I do have some gripes due to the action heavy components and the repetitive enemies, the game is overall good. I loved all the puzzles you had to solve in the game, I liked the character models and the graphics are great! " -Bryan (Resident Entertainment)

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CrimsonWing6970d ago

Couldn’t disagree with you more on the score. This was one of the better experiences I had with a game so far this year.

SCW198270d ago

Its a fun game just not a particularly good Resident Evil in my opinion.

70d ago
Tacoboto70d ago

The story and character scenarios were over-the-top in the best ways and they went all in, indulging on its ridiculousness, but still kept it grounded with tense moments.

My favorite RE and I can't wait to go through the Shadows difficulty once they release the PC patch

Yui_Suzumiya69d ago

Yeah, this and Doki Doki Literature Club Plus are the only good games this year. In fact, DDLC happens to be the best game I've ever played. Never thought I'd find a game that could topple The Last of Us.

Venox200869d ago

For me so far It Takes Two is the best game this year.. but RE 8 is really good as well ..still yet to play Doki Doki, but I doubt that it will be better than those two

HansyJ70d ago

Bruh who is reviewing this so far out lol

Elda70d ago

I really enjoyed the game I'll give it an 8 easily.

70d ago
got_dam69d ago

After 7 and 2make, I was really hoping for them to really return to the slow burn survival horror. 3make ok, but village is just too over the top. I have been getting 4, 5, and 6 vibes from it.

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