The REAL Reason We Can’t Have a Switch Pro (Maybe)

Many of us understand that the pandemic really put a strain on gaming companies everywhere, but some of us still had hope Nintendo would bring the heat regardless of their setbacks. Perhaps we had too much faith in a company that so often disappoints.

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ZeekQuattro61d ago

There never was a Switch Pro. People bought into and lie and then were disappointed that Nintendo didn;t deliver on what was never promised in the first place. The same thing happened when the Switch V2 and Switch Lite were introduced in 2019. Rumors said a Switch Pro was coming leading into those announcements. Now here we are in 2021 and somehow rumors of Nintendo changing screen manufacturers meant DLSS and 4K gaming were on the table and Switch Pro rumors were back in full swing.

glennhkboy60d ago

I think that is just wishful thinking from Western players. Nintendo has never made any mid-life-upgrade to any of their past consoles. For each generation of their consoles (SNES, N64.... to Wii & WiiU), Nintendo would only make some minor changes like the physical size, increase RAM, etc. It has never change the CPU or graphic SoC.

Rebel_Scum59d ago

Not true. New 3DS cpu changed from the old 3DS with more cores and higher clock speed.

TheGreatGazoo3060d ago

Because Nintendo would rather sell it diehard fans an oled version first, then sell them a true upgraded.