GTA IV PC: Modding Archive Now Available

In light of the release of the first PC mod yesterday for GTA IV on PC and the release of the mod launcher this morning I have created an archive that will be contain as many mods as possible for Grand Theft Auto IV, so far there are only five files but expect this number to grow dramatically over the next few months.

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George Sears3629d ago

Best thing about PC gaming, mods.

GTAIV + Mods = Awesome things to come.

"Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid."

Are_The_MaDNess3629d ago

why cant the PS3 version have mods?
UT3 had it
why cant every game have it?

Scenarist3628d ago

UT3 was made with mods in mind from the developers...
most games are not, GTA included.

But since we have access to the files on the pc all we have to do is modify them
with or without permission from the devs .hence mods

PC pwns consoles

Scenarist3628d ago


Magic_The_Celt3628d ago

I Really cant wait to see what the modding community can do.