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WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "Returnal for me is as close to a masterpiece as I think I’ve gotten. Despite a few small visual glitches, nothing that I encountered was game breaking. There were no crashes or any bugs that would force me to start a new run. Once I started playing, I didn’t want to put the game down. I was fully hooked into this world, into Selene’s story, and I wanted to fight my way out of there. If you at all enjoy roguelites and bullet hell games, Returnal is an absolute must play."

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Chicago850671d ago

Agreed. Was a very engaging game 👍🏽

SCW198271d ago

Best game of the year so far easy. The story is brilliant!

S2Killinit71d ago

Awwsome gameplay. But truth be told, its a grade above my gaming skills. Loved it, but havent finished it, and with so much on offer I fear I wont finish it.

Silly Mammo71d ago

Agreed. I can respect the quality of the game but still not like it from a personal level.

Elda71d ago

I usually beat & finish HouseMarque games but Returnal is a game I'll be holding on to for a long time to come because I only beat the first boss & I know I'm going to have to get my skills up to beat the rest to come. Along with so many games to play & releasing I'll definitely be holding on to Returnal for a long!!

Futureshark71d ago

It's got a wonderful feel to it.

Could be GOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.