Video Games, Accessibility and Invincibility

The Outerhaven writes: If you use Twitter in any capacity and have decided to expose yourself to the toxic depths of the gaming community’s social media channels, you probably have heard that Double Fine announced an invincibility toggle for Psychonauts 2, which has reignited the age-old argument.

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Sciurus_vulgaris64d ago

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart’s rookie explorer mode makes the player unkillable during combat. Why weren’t people up in arms about rookie explorer mode ?

shadowhaxor63d ago

Because it wasn't something that was talked about.

NeoGamer23263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Although your question is legitimate, that is not really addressing the topic.

To me, there are people who have some physical or mental reason why they cannot finish games and progress through the whole story. If you consider gaming an art, there should be no reason why those people should not be able to enjoy that art through these settings if the developer so chooses.

For the people that are competitive and like to brag about what they have completed.... That is about your gaming profile with achievements and/or trophies.

Whether it be Psychonauts 2, R&C or whatever.

anast63d ago

If the game is made to do it then go for it. It's great for kids and people that like game-genie stuff.

Metabeard63d ago

I'm all for it. I played through Rift apart with my 7 year old and because of Rookie explorer mode we are now playing a crack in time and he is excited to play the other games in the series. It really helped him be able to get into it and his skills are improving quickly. I'm all for games that want to do it do it. If your game is lets say, a souls kinda thing and the difficulty is considered part of the experience then that is great too. Games are for everyone just not every game is for every person. Let them play games!

CYALTR62d ago

I just don't understand how this is even a thing for SP games. Who cares what setting you play on in the privacy of your own home.