Warframe The New War Gameplay Debut and Info Revealed

Digital Extremes has released two new videos for Warframe The New War, with the gameplay reveal making it look like a completely different game.

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Darkborn63d ago

As a long time warframe player, although not much as of late, this reveal was lackluster and not fitting for a game such as warframe. Warframe is a high paced space ninja game and this tennocon we got a look at playing 2 super slow and completely weird feeling charactors and a faster charactor, but completely different than warframe. I just don't see this being a good long term idea. I know it's a quest, but what about afterwards? Idk, I've been playing since early 2014, and this is completely different than everything else they've done and it doesn't look all that good either.

iNcRiMiNaTi63d ago

I barely played warframe but It's like they're going back to the dark sector style gameplay with this one. I might give this a try

Darkborn63d ago

I have about 5k hours in warframe and I would say I've done a lot in the game lol. This is a good way to bring random people in, the only problem is its way far in the story, so you'd have to beat almost everything to get to it.