Warframe Getting Mobile Version and Cross-Play With All Platforms

Today, during the celebrations of TennoCon, Digital Extremes had a relevant announcement related to Warframe.

The game is coming to mobile platforms, and it’s also getting cross-play and cross-safe involving all of its platforms.

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Dark_Overlord97d ago

Too little too late, Warframe had it's chance, but they turned it into a lifeless grindfest full of bugs that they barely ever got round to fixing. They've only started putting effort in since Genshin outdid them on pretty much everything. Genshin seems to be the only thing people talk about in their own chat rooms XD

dsammy0497d ago

Always wanted to play Warframe but my friends at the time wanted to play Destiny instead which at the time I did enjoy but Warframe did have an appeal in the early/mid life of the PS4 that I wish I tried out.

Maybe mobile will be my introduction and If I like it I’ll try it on my own

Darkborn97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

It was really good and fun a few years ago. They took away some of the things that I believe made it better and replaced them with other systems but it still has a lot to offer and you'd be surprised just how much content is in this game. It has more content than probably any game out there right now except for full mmorpgs, and it's free.