Valkyria Chronicles 4 Getting Gorgeous Rayleigh Miller Bikini Figure by Bellfine

Japanese figure manufacturer Bellfine revealed a brand new figure dedicated to Sega's strategy JRPG Valkyria Chronicles 4.

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ZeekQuattro138d ago

You could wear that bikini into battle if you bought the beach DLC. I remember it well. Lmao

TheColbertinator138d ago

I miss Valkyria Chronicles. Hopefully we get a 5 someday

dumahim137d ago

Or even console remasters for 2 and 3.

DarthMarvin137d ago

I've been asking for an HD remaster collection for over a decade.

CDbiggen137d ago

There was a really well detailed and well done Crymaria model released a while back too. If I was ever gonna try and get a figurine like this, it would have to be a Welkin/Edelweiss or something.

137d ago