Marvel's Avengers Black Panther More Arrogant & Aggressive, GoW Actor Bulked Up for Role

Marvel's Avengers Black Panther will be different from the movies, as he'll be more arrogant and agressive, Christopher Judge says he bulked up to better embody the role.

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Eonjay71d ago

Christopher Judge voice is so iconic.

excaliburps70d ago

Yeah. Glad to see him embrace it too.

Nitrowolf270d ago

Its great, cannot wait to see how he pulls off Black Panther

Chriswheeler2270d ago

After playing God of War, I cant wait for this dude to get more work he's awesome.

SDuck70d ago

his throat has been hitting the gym or something XD

SDuck70d ago

"more arrogant & aggressive"... so, the pre MCU Black Panther! nice

Germaximus69d ago

Bulked up for a voice part?