The Top 5 VR Games of 2021... So Far

COG writes: VR continues to deliver some of the best gaming experiences around, and this year has been among the best for great offerings. Here are 5 the best VR games from the first half of 2021.

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ApocalypseShadow497d ago

And the good times are going to potentially, keep rolling this summer. Wish Demeo was on PSVR though. That's like old school, D&D gaming right there. VR is perfect for that as you get a real representation of player and dungeon master.

Kosic497d ago

Didn't like the climb 2 at all sadly.
Demeo is my favourite game of this year. I would like to try hitman vr but no psvr sadly.

Outlawzz497d ago

Hope these are all on the ps5 vr. Holding off on any VR games until that comes out since I don't have a high end gaming PC and current psvr is a little unpleasant for me at the moment.

497d ago