Why Sony Dropped The Ball With Home

Slashgamer Writes: "what the hell is Sony thinking. The company has been developing the service for sometime now and it's obviously important part of the ingredient for the PS3 to become successful. But why didn't they give the public a date when it would be released. The hype they had for the service when it was announced is officially dead. Even though I'm more interested to fiddle around with Home over Microsoft's NXE, I'm no where near excited with Home as I was with the NXE. Why? Because Sony dropped the ball. It almost seems not nearly as important to Sony as it used to be."

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George Sears3602d ago

I agree, I too was very excited about Home as many people also were once Sony announced it. It was something really creative, original and revolutionary for consoles. Even though till this day it still is, the hype for it has long gone thanks to the constant delays.

"Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid."

Real Gambler3602d ago

I never got excited by home. That's until I got into the beta. Now I can see why people get excited about it. I don't think it's a system seller though. It's just a great place to hang around to find gamers with the same interest you have.

On the other side, in this blog (yep, again, this is not a NEWS but a simple opinion, posted on NEWS for gamers), the author is saying "Sure maybe Microsoft overhyped the NXE, but it worked. And honestly, this is one of the reasons why the Xbox is doing so well this time around."

So if NXE is selling consoles (I personally don't think it does... the price cut is) then, for sure, Home WILL sell consoles! Particularly since it's free for all PS3 owners.

Mr_Bun3602d ago

I am now where near as excited as I used to be either...It seems that the closer we get to the 'Open Beta', the less I hear about what will make Home great. The only thing I have heard about recently are the stores where you can purchase clothing for your character or the arcade/bowling/pool that you apparently have to wait in line to play.

Where are all the articles regarding the features that will define Home and make me want to use that instead of just loading up a game thru the XMB?

KARMA20093602d ago

this guy is an idiot,DECEMBER 16 2008,don't post if you dont know the facts.

hitthegspot3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You're dead on. I agree also. Sony as a company has made some major error in judgment with today's consumers. Blu-ray and the firmware debacle, PS3 Home release date, no backwards compatibility, ... I know the die hard Sony fans out there will give me Disagree, but the truth is Sony won the HD war, Sony has the ability to compete and take the lead in the console war, and they are not respecting their consumers so right now they are playing from way behind. Most consumers are not buying Sony.

This guy has a point. Home was originally scheduled for a global public release in September or October 2007. Then it was pushed out until Spring 2008. Now it's December 2008. Not to mention the fact that Home was suppose to come out for the PS2 years ago. Sony made the decision to come out with the PS3 before Home was finished and ported what they had to the PS3.

You can read it here.

I see your point, but I raise you the way Sony treats all consumers. In my opinion Sony treats me like I should just give them all my money, and buy everything they make twice. If they can get people to do that without question it would be brilliant. Here are tow facts that back what I am saying. Sony was trying to make it illegal for you to rip CDs and put the music on your Ipod or any MP3 player. PS3 is not backwards Compatible, they think you should keep your PS2 and a PS3. In Sonys eyes you should buy every thing twice. Their arrogance will be their downfall. The company has the ability to step up, stop being so greedy and make business decisions that consumers want and they would take all of our money.

ultimolu3602d ago

It is true that they messed up but do we have to keep beating it over their heads or something? Wouldn't you say that a lot of things they're doing right now are very ambitious to begin with?

AAACE53602d ago

Fanboys, No matter what you say, or how wierd it sounds to me, I never take your bubbles or hit the disagree button! All I do is post my opinion and that's it! So why do you take my bubbles away?

Sorry, I just had to ask...

HOME will be fine! It will be something different from XBL and Nintendo's thing... So don't worry at all!

kevoncox3602d ago

I want Sony to fix the real issues with the ps3. Lack of included voice mics, extrememly long download times. Extremly long install times. Extremely long software updates. Refine the messaging system and friend invites. Make a lot of the system easier to use. This system is the least next - gen of the next gen systems. It has the power but it was designed by a nazi. MS went with an Apple like interface. Sony decided to compy windows ME. FIX IT

ultimolu3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I really don't agree with that but if that's how you feel, then alright.

I also like how disagrees are smacked instead of proving me wrong. The reason why Home could be taking so long is because you need stability to run the service. Once that's established, then Sony can release it. Home isn't going to be released fully.

Real Gambler3602d ago

This is about HOME which is FREE!

"In my opinion Sony treats me like I should just give them all my money"

Wow, complaining about delay on something you don't pay just make me laugh. It's free, so who cares if they have delayed it... As long as it does get out eventually, it will "sell" LOL

hitthegspot3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

That's a great response. Sony loves you. The point is not wether it's free or not. The point is that other companies are beating them to market, and Sony is more interested in making money than putting out a free product. Making money is not a bad thing, but if they were out first and put consumers first then the money thing would work itself out.

god_o_war3601d ago

yea because EVERY 1 on xbox live has voice mics and USE them ???
i played an online horde match in gow 2 and i was the only 1 with a mic played guardian and there was me and 1 other guy with mic... my frend has a mic and he NEVA uses it unless we are playing wing man or i ask him to on cod4... what extremely long install times i think the longest i had was 3 min since when is 3 min EXTREMELY long?there messaging system is easier and shorter than that on 360 there aboslutely nothing wrong with friend invites. the ps3 is sooo simple its ridiculous everything is where it should be and easy to get to. the least next gen ??WHAT are talking about ??? it has games with awesome graphics it plays bluray movies (the wii cant even play dvds movies) it comes with wifi built in in EVERY console. i think your just stupid like seriously

whoelse3601d ago

Its not like Home hasn't improved since it was first announced. If you lost hype for Home, then thats to be expected but you will love it when you do finally get your hands on it.

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Brixxer6003602d ago

Actually i think it's become more important, which is why they keep adding new features, i would've liked them to release it and patch in extra features later though.

hitthegspot3602d ago

bubbles to you.

It's not like they're not adding a new firmware update to the console every week. They should have released it a while ago and done the add-ons later.

Fishy Fingers3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Annoys me when the N4G caption is pulled half way through the article, it's just poor practice and trying to make more of your post than it actually is. Almost as underhanded as changing the headline.

Either way, not sure why exactly this guy thinks sony dropped the ball, basically he just seems dismayed by the delays (like everyone else) and because of that he doesn't think Home will sell PS3s.

Just another meh... Home rant.

penguinhunter3602d ago

"So if NXE is selling consoles (I personally don't think it does... the price cut is) then, for sure, Home WILL sell consoles! Particularly since it's free for all PS3 owners."

You're telling me netflix support didn't move systems?

Karum3602d ago

I see a lot of advertising for the 360 here in the UK (mostly it's an ad for some 3rd party multiplat game followed by the price of their console) about downloading movies on the 360 but not once have I seen an ad for netflix support.

MS do so well because they are great at marketing and advertising their products.

I doubt the netflix feature contributed to very many consoles being shifted just as I doubt Home will contribute to a huge surge of PS3's shifting when it is finally released.

Both might become important features for prospective buyers at one point but tbh I think most people going out to buy a console are going to know what they want already, without these features. Sure both of them will probably influence some people, but not in huge numbers.

At least that's my own opinion of it anyway.

Hot_tea3602d ago

Another FUD piece by 360 fanboy on a NOTHING website masquerading as objective article.
HOME is awesome, I'm in Beta and it is great. Plus it's FREE.How this loser uses Home and NXE in the same sentence I'll never know.

prunchess3602d ago

He is more excited about NXE than HOME!

I've had a good look at the NXE on my mates 360, God that dude at must have a terrible boring life if he finds the NXE exciting!

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