7 Reasons Why Ghajini Video Game Matters "FX Labs have been working on a game based on the movie Ghajini for about a year now and people have been asking me, if it deserves the hype that it's getting. My answer would be a resounding yes! You may ask why, considering India has not produced a single noteworthy game as yet!

But the point is that Ghajini game deserves attention for that very reason. This is the first time a game is being developed along with a Bollywood movie. Most of the Bollywood games produced to date have been mobile games or flash based ones and such games don't deserve attention span of more than 10 to15 minutes. But a full fledged, movie based game however, comes in a different league altogether.

In the past Mumbai 2020 had brought out a 'game' when the movie released, but it would be a shame to call it a game, because it did not fit the definition of a video game. It was merely an interactive animated environment!"

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