Amazon Slashes Up To 78% Off On Various RPG, Action Adventure, Shooter & Simulation Games

Daily Video Game writes: "If you're looking to pick up new games to play right now, the giant online retailer Amazon has no shortage of game deals to offer, with many popular RPG, action-adventure, shooter, and simulation titles such as Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Persona 5 Royal, and lots more on sale with up to 78% off across multiple gaming platforms!"

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TheRealTedCruz63d ago

Nobody who likes videogames enough to frequent a videogame news board cares about good deals on videogames?

Okay lol

CyberSentinel62d ago

These ads (no they aren’t articles) are nothing more then free advertising, and solicitations.

CyberSentinel62d ago

How hard is it to go to Amazon or Walmart or Bestbuy website and type in the search engine for yourself “games on sale” or “clearance sale”?

TheRealTedCruz62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

So what's the actual harm? I'm not sure exactly why you're offended by them existing is all.
I've had Amazon Prime for years. I don't typically go to them for games, unless they're doing sales like this. I only know of these sales when they post them via here on N4G.

Otherwise I just go on my normal cycle of Steam, Humble and fanatical.

They definitely serve a purpose.

CyberSentinel62d ago

It’s solicitation.

The affiliates of the links profit off your purchases and data collection. N4G should put a stop to it, because they could be taken revenue from N4G.