Final Fantasy X 20th Anniversary Survey Results Reveal Favorite Characters, Music, Quotes & More

A survey was conducted on Final Fantasy X's players, revealing their favourite characters, music, enemies, lines of dialogue, and more.

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Flawlessmic96d ago

Best final fantasy imo, would love a remake with next gen graphics but the game exactly as it was everywhere else.

solideagle96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

nah, I would go for FFX-3 having Braska/Jecht/Auron in parallel with current timeline with Yuna/Tidus and Co. like in FF VIII where we played Laguna in parallel to main story that would be super cool and they should ignore FFX-2 story altogether :D

Flawlessmic96d ago

Im also down for that :)

Would love to play through there journey!

At the end of the day ill take any form of more content for ffx that i can get.

andy8596d ago

Love this game so much. I'd welcome a PS5 port just so I have an excuse to play it and get the trophies again 😂