Gears Of War: The Over-Priced Statues

Kotaku Write: Just in case you haven't spent enough money on Gears of War already, along comes these limited edition statues from Mindzeye Studios. And by statues, we mean statues.

These aren't vinyl "toys". They're cast in metal, either bronze or platinum-coated, and as such are heavy, and as such are expensive. Marcus and Dom are $205, while the fat-knees Boomer is a little costlier, at $260.

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pp3655d ago

Now that is what you call EPICALLY AWESOME.

edhe3655d ago

I want :/

If i had the spare moolah i'd gladly decorate my work desk with the boomer.

rogimusprime3654d ago

someone would take it and you'd have to beat @$$.

FantasyStar3654d ago

Who in their right mind would pay $208-$260 for a doll?


they look cool but who and why would you want one of these?? really?

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